On-Demand: Building Connections with the Social Brain

On-Demand: Building Connections with the Social Brain

By | January 5, 2022

“Human beings are fundamentally social – more than any other animal species on the planet, our own destinies are linked to each other,” says Dr. Michael Platt, a renowned neuroscientist and co-founder of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative.

People often want deeper, more meaningful relationships, both at work and in everyday life. But the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent move to remote and hybrid work has made connecting with the people around us even more difficult than before, leading to what some health officials call an “epidemic of loneliness.”

Even before the pandemic, loneliness was a problem among remote workers, and as many as 61% of adults struggled with loneliness some or most of the time. Over the past two years, the problem has become even more pronounced.

How to Create Connection in the Remote or Hybrid Workplace

In this on-demand webinar, presented at the 2021 AIIR Summit, Dr. Michael Platt, Dr. Zab Johnson, and Dr. Vera Ludwig, neuroscientists and researchers from the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative, one of AIIR’s long-time partner organizations, explain why human connection is so important, why it’s so difficult to achieve in the virtual world, and what we can do to forge connections with the people around us, even if those people are complete strangers.

Our research shows that while productivity has remained high in the hybrid workplace, culture and connection have taken a hit. Learn how AIIR can help measure and rebuild culture and connection on teams across your organization.

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