[On Demand Webinar] 2021 SCP Conference: How Executive Coaching Responded to COVID-19

[On Demand Webinar] 2021 SCP Conference: How Executive Coaching Responded to COVID-19

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have presented challenges exponentially more complicated than anything leaders have ever faced in the past. In January of 2021, Dr. Jonathan Kirschner lead an invigorating panel that took a retrospective look at Executive Coaching’s response to COVID-19.

Access this On Demand Webinar to learn:

    • Coaching techniques around resilience
    • The key shifts in the Executive Coaching industry and what the future may look like
    • How leaders have responded to the challenges of COVID-19
    • Tips on virtual coaching and the advantages of coaching online

Insights from Top Industry Leaders

This panel had a deep, thoughtful discussion that included audience participation and reflection on an unprecedented time in talent development. They tackled topics like lost investments in in-person infrastructure and systems and supporting leaders during prolonged uncertainty and pressure. Here are some of the insights they shared:

It’s always important to be making meaning. In some ways, you could argue, that’s what leaders do. Is they’re meaning makers.

Coaching and executive development can no longer be separate, like they have to be together. DEI and executive development need to be the same thing or else we’re not doing our jobs.

Leadership is not just a thing that just exists within the hierarchy. It hasn’t been for awhile, but now I see that more than ever where based on those strengths and pointing to strengths, team members are all of a sudden stepping into a leadership position.

What is the future that we want to create? The future of work we want to create for our people? I do believe that the world is getting a little bit flatter and I do believe that this is going to be a lot of the new normal.

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  • Moderator: Dr. Jonathan Kirschner | Founder & CEO | AIIR Consulting
  • Reese Haydon, MS | Senior Manager, Executive Development | Dropbox
  • Hannah Murphy, PhD | Sr. Leadership Consultant, Executive Coaching & Assessment | Cisco
  • Xavier Hernandez, PhD | Executive Coach | AIIR Consulting | Managing Director, Principal | Meridian Consulting

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