[On Demand Webinar] Emotional Resilience in Times of Crisis Registration

[On Demand Webinar] Emotional Resilience in Times of Crisis Registration

The current environment is testing our levels of personal resilience, as individuals, teams, and leaders, as we all try and quickly learn to adapt to the significant enforced changes to both our work and home lives.

However, the crucial question is – how do we actually improve our personal resilience on a daily, sustainable basis, when things are so tough and hard to predict?

During this timely webinar, AIIR executive coach Dr. Geetu Bharwaney, CEO of Ei World, and author of the book “Emotional Resilience: Know What It Takes To Be Agile, Adaptable And Perform At Your Best” (Pearson, 2015), will engage in dialogue on the priority personal emotional resilience components to help us to evolve during the current pandemic.

Dr. Geetu Bharwaney will present the key components from her framework of Emotional Resilience that can play a crucial role in supporting our human ability to thrive at work and at home – all in the current context of COVID-19. The goal of this webinar is to accelerate our ability to be emotionally and mentally well, our personal resilience, and our capability to reinvent ourselves authentically during this richly opportune moment for personal growth.

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About The Speaker

As a seasoned C-Suite executive coach and senior consultant of AIIR, Dr. Geetu Bharwaney works with leaders who are critical to the success of today’s organizations. She partners with executives, senior managers and those on the flight path for future leadership, developing leadership capabilities, cultivating deeper strategic thinking, and enhancing abilities to connect with and influence stakeholders and their teams.

Geetu draws on her considerable experience gained from 28 years of coaching leaders and top teams. She has served as a Coach, Team Coach, Executive Coach, and Assessor of Coaching Programs and brings valuable insights on the topic of our human development.

Geetu is Founder and Managing Director of Ei World, a strategic partner of AIIR and her company was set up to accelerate the individual development of leaders, as well as how leaders operate within executive teams.

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