[Video] Leading in the Next Decade – Wharton Neuroscience Initiative Panel Discussion

[Video] Leading in the Next Decade – Wharton Neuroscience Initiative Panel Discussion

Neuroscience Insights to Accelerate Leadership Development

AIIR Summit 2020 brought together more than 100 members of the AIIR Global Coaching Network to celebrate 10 years of driving coaching innovation, and to discuss how AIIR will continue delivering value and creating impact for our clients in the decade to come.

As part of the conference, AIIR hosted a panel of neuroscience experts associated with the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative (WiN) at the University of Pennsylvania, one of AIIR’s strategic partners. Launched in 2016, the Wharton initiative seeks to apply advances in our understanding of the human mind to improve business, drive new discoveries and applications, and enhance the education of future leaders.

Panelists including WiN founders Elizabeth (Zab) Johnson, PhD, and Michael Platt, PhD, along with Vera Ludwig, PhD, Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz, PhD, and Bruce Doré, PhD, discuss their research and its implications for the future of executive coaching and leadership development.

Questions discussed include:

  • How do values drive decision making?
  • How can we use neuroscience to make people receptive to critical feedback?
  • Are there insights from neuroscience around altruism versus selfishness? How can we use this to make leaders more compassionate?
  • How can we foster intrinsic motivation?

Want more neuroscience insights from AIIR Summit 2020? Check out Dr. Michael Platt’s keynote address, “Change Management and Your Brain.

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