[On Demand Webinar] Building a Better World Through Coaching

[On Demand Webinar] Building a Better World Through Coaching

Dr. NaTasha Jordan and an expert panel share their vision for how coaching can empower nonprofit leaders and their organizations to build a better future

The coronavirus crisis was extremely challenging for purpose-driven organizations. While demand for their services was high, 75% faced reduced funding. At the same time, their leaders and their employees faced the same stress, uncertainty, and exhaustion as the people they serve.

Despite the chaos of the coronavirus, purpose-driven organizations stayed committed to serving their constituents. And, as we move beyond the crisis, they face the complex and challenging work of healing our communities, enriching lives, and building a better tomorrow.

During this webinar, Dr. NaTasha Jordan — the newly announced Director of AIIR’s pro-bono coaching initiative, the Elevate Project — will lead a panel of senior executive coaches as they share their experiences coaching nonprofit leaders throughout the pandemic and their vision for how executive coaching can empower nonprofit organizations and their leaders to build a better tomorrow.

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About the Panelists

Moderator: Dr. NaTasha Jordan | Director of the Elevate Project

NaTasha Jordan, Ph.D., is a senior executive coach, consultant, and the Director of the Elevate Project. As a coach and consultant, she is a diverse, innovative, and versatile leader with an evidence-based and research-backed approach to developing individuals, teams, and organizations and helping companies build cultures in which individuals can flourish.

As Director of the Elevate Project, NaTasha will bring her experience and expertise to bear designing and delivering pro-bono coaching initiatives that empower nonprofit leaders, elevate their organizations, and catalyze their impact on the communities they serve.

Speaker: Supriti Bhandary MA | AIIR Executive Coach

Supriti Bhandary is an experienced executive coach and talent advisor with more than 25 years of experience in global human resource management both in senior corporate roles and as an independent director on several boards. She is also a coach for the Elevate Project.

Combining her own experience with empathy, curiosity, and thoughtful inquiry, Supriti has helped clients navigate the complexities of leadership and in the process, frequently helped them find more purpose and meaning in their lives.

Speaker: Bob Kinnison | AIIR Executive Coach

Bob Kinnison is a seasoned executive coach bringing 13 years of coaching experience and 25 years of cross-functional business performance to AIIR. Bob has provided executive coaching to leadership levels from senior managers; to the C-suite; to visionary entrepreneurs and founders, and has coached across borders, working with leaders on 6 continents.

He’s coached in world-leading organizations in technology, professional services, health care, media and entertainment, retail, telecom, advertising, and financial services.

Speaker: Bernadette Cabrera | AIIR Executive Coach

Bernadette Cabrera has more than 15 years of experience as a trusted coach, advisor, and consultant to executives around the globe. Bernadette leverages her extensive business experience to inform her coaching work.

Her work experience, particularly with one of the largest global consulting firms, has been characterized by impactful transitions that elevated her business and cultural acumen. She has helped global organizations go through change management, leadership alignment, organizational design, culture alignment, strategic communications, and development programs.

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