[Webinar] Elevating Nonprofit Leaders of Color

How Youth INC and the Elevate Project are working to empower nonprofit leaders of color

America is more diverse today than ever before. Yet, even as our communities have become more diverse over the past decade, nonprofit organizations have not. Recent studies show that fewer than 20% of nonprofit organizations are led by people of color.

This disparity led Tracie Gilstrap, Director of Partner Network Engagement at Youth INC, to form the Rise Academy for Leaders of Color, an award-winning program that elevates and empowers emerging leaders of color at youth development organizations. 

Youth INC’s Tracie Gilstrap talks to Elevate Project Executive Director Michael Wright about the challenges BIPOC leaders encounter in the nonprofit sector, how the Rise Academy is elevating and empowering leaders and their organizations, and how their work is cascading through the community. To learn more about the Elevate Project, visit aiirconsulting.com/elevate