[Webinar] How a Single Day Can Make or Break Your Team’s Year

[Webinar] How a Single Day Can Make or Break Your Team’s Year

Discover the power of bringing your team together to build culture, enhance productivity, and enable sustained high performance in an uncertain future

Employees’ sense of belonging is waning. They are less loyal, and more easily distracted by a hot labor market. Leaders need to focus on engaging a disengaged and disconnected workforce.

Cindy Wolpert | AIIR Boston

Teams are unraveling. Analysis of our database of team assessment data shows that, since the beginning of the pandemic, team culture has cratered. Now, productivity and performance are declining and, with them, engagement and retention.

In normal circumstances, these trends would be problematic. Now, they are compounded by geopolitical instability and increasing signs of recession. Leaders who are not convening their teams to reinforce culture and ways of working will have a rocky year ahead.

By building culture, establishing new ways of working, and boosting engagement now, leaders can empower their teams to achieve and maintain sustained high performance through the uncertainty ahead.

In this highly interactive webinar, Carole Streicher, U.S. Deal Advisory and Strategy Leader at KPMG, and Dave Gloss, Head of Team Effectiveness at AIIR, will discuss the art of team building in the new workplace. Participants will walk away with a better understanding and actionable advice to:

  • Repair the damage to connection and cohesion wrought by the pandemic
  • Establish new ways of communicating and collaborating
  • Reshape team culture to sustain productivity and high performance
  • Leverage intensive in-person interactions to set teams up for success
  • Prepare their teams to navigate change and shape a better future

About the Speakers

Carole Streicher

U.S. Deal Advisory and Strategy Service Group Leader | KPMG

Carole Streicher is the U.S. Deal Advisory and Strategy Service Group Leader for KPMG, a multinational professional services network and one of the big four global accounting firms. A lifelong KPMG employee, Carole’s mission is to foster a diverse and inclusive team culture while providing best-in-class services to the world’s leading organizations. In her role, she leads an expansive network of experienced consultants who drive innovative insights and tangible value through all aspects of the deal life cycle.

Dave Gloss

Head of Team Effectiveness | AIIR Consulting

Dave Gloss is Head of Team Effectiveness at AIIR Consulting. In his role, Dave serves as a member of the company’s Senior Leadership Team driving AIIR’s corporate growth strategy. In addition, Dave works intimately with AIIR clients to help them build more effective teams and ensure their organizations are prepared to meet the challenges posed by a faster and ever-evolving world.