[On Demand Webinar] Leading Through Crisis: Full Recording

[On Demand Webinar] Leading Through Crisis: Full Recording

By | March 20, 2020

Webinar Description

As the coronavirus sweeps the globe, organizations, their leaders, and their employees face unprecedented uncertainty. In the chaos of this crisis, one thing has become clear: leadership matters.

AIIR executive coach Danessa Knaupp presents three critical competencies for leading through a crisis:

  1. Candor – How to be clear about what you know, what you don’t, and what to expect.
  2. Compassion – How to be calm, flexible, and human.
  3. Courage – How to make bold decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Knaupp examines each of these characteristics in the context of the coronavirus, and what it means to lead when most people work from their couches and kitchen tables.

About The Speaker

Passionate about coaching, leading, and super-charging strategy and process, AIIR executive coach Danessa Knaupp enables clients to deliver results grounded in authenticity.

During her more than 20 years as a senior corporate leader and an entrepreneur, she successfully navigated the same daunting challenges her clients face today. By empowering her clients to bring life and energy to the constant change swirling in today’s corporate environments, Danessa helps executives and teams create value and operate with purpose.

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Full Transcript

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00:04:12.030 –> 00:04:19.950
Jonathan Kirschner: Hello everyone. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to everyone joining this global call from around the world.

00:04:20.370 –> 00:04:31.800
Jonathan Kirschner: It’s a pleasure to be hosting is very important call today. Thank you for enhancing our global community through your participation. My name is Jonathan Kirshner. I’m the founder and CEO of air consulting

00:04:32.940 –> 00:04:38.310
Jonathan Kirschner: Our purpose here at air, simply put, is to improve people’s lives through change.

00:04:38.760 –> 00:04:50.100
Jonathan Kirschner: And while our expertise is in helping people in organizations create change. We also support in times when simply navigating change and staying grounded or centered is the sole mission.

00:04:51.090 –> 00:05:00.840
Jonathan Kirschner: Today we find ourselves in a context of brutal and frankly relentless change. And for many of us. It’s like being in the eye of the storm.

00:05:02.190 –> 00:05:19.410
Jonathan Kirschner: As leaders and we are all leaders on this call. We have people on this call from Italy leading in their organizations. We have people from pharmaceutical organizations that are actually creating in the process of creating the cure to the coronavirus

00:05:20.580 –> 00:05:26.670
Jonathan Kirschner: As leaders. We are in spotlight how we navigate this change will affect countless lives.

00:05:28.440 –> 00:05:36.420
Jonathan Kirschner: Right now everyone’s looking up to us, our families, our communities, our teams our organizations, they’re watching how we choose to lead.

00:05:37.080 –> 00:05:50.610
Jonathan Kirschner: And our leadership right now is quite consequential do we run in hide or do we confront and take action do we deny and avoid or do we engage in honest direct conversations

00:05:51.450 –> 00:06:04.620
Jonathan Kirschner: Do we succumb to the swirl of anxiety and panic or do we become the rock that those around us need us to be do we embrace fear or love do we hoard or do we exude generosity.

00:06:06.000 –> 00:06:18.960
Jonathan Kirschner: Today we have a unique opportunity to become exposed to these decisions and to hear from Vanessa NAP, A dear colleague friend and senior coach on our team and our consulting

00:06:19.560 –> 00:06:30.930
Jonathan Kirschner: She also happens to be launching her book naked work of leaders guide to fearless authenticity next week. So congratulations. The NASA work very much looking forward to that.

00:06:31.380 –> 00:06:45.900
Jonathan Kirschner: And the nest is going to share with us in a moment. Some very timely wisdom, both deep and also practical during these very challenging time. So without further ado, I want to turn it over to you to Nessa. Thank you very much.

00:06:50.190 –> 00:07:00.180
Danessa Knaupp: Thank you, Jonathan and I am thrilled to be here today, although I wish our circumstances were all better. We’re going to walk through today.

00:07:00.720 –> 00:07:08.760
Danessa Knaupp: Some thoughts on how you as leader can really manage and lead through this crisis.

00:07:09.750 –> 00:07:21.720
Danessa Knaupp: And when I say crisis. I want to be really clear that where we are now is uncomfortable and uncertain and there certainly have been far more devastating crises in our past.

00:07:22.470 –> 00:07:37.830
Danessa Knaupp: But the Greek and Latin, meaning the root of that word crisis is to decide to sift through. And so we’re going to think about how today’s circumstance helps us really sift through

00:07:38.430 –> 00:07:51.240
Danessa Knaupp: To what’s important to sift through to help us match our intentions to what our outcomes will be. So before we get started, I’d love to understand from you in the chat.

00:07:52.020 –> 00:08:05.640
Danessa Knaupp: Where you’re from today. I know most of us often spend time on the road. Most of us are in office buildings, but I’m coming to you live and in person from a sleepy suburb of Richmond, Virginia. It’s a beautiful day here today so

00:08:06.030 –> 00:08:21.780
Danessa Knaupp: I’d love to know where some of you are from we’ve got well over 100 people on this webinar. I’m nearly 200. So, look, we’ve got folks from the East Coast sunny Florida, New Jersey. Silver Spring.

00:08:22.920 –> 00:08:26.310
Danessa Knaupp: Buffalo probably not 80 degrees in Buffalo.

00:08:27.630 –> 00:08:36.090
Danessa Knaupp: Lots of folks I’m California and Canada. Welcome, everyone. I’m really delighted to be able to be in community here because frankly

00:08:36.480 –> 00:08:45.390
Danessa Knaupp: What we are going through right now is an exercise in community empathy and we’ll talk much more about that.

00:08:45.840 –> 00:08:55.650
Danessa Knaupp: So as we go through. I’m going to share my screen with you. You can put questions in the chat. Although I’ll prompt you for some of those as we go through.

00:08:55.920 –> 00:09:09.330
Danessa Knaupp: But I’d really like this as much as we can to make this a conversation between friends experiencing something new together. So you should be able to see my slides in just a minute.

00:09:10.830 –> 00:09:11.640
Danessa Knaupp: And we’ll begin

00:09:13.230 –> 00:09:19.950
Danessa Knaupp: What’s important as we think about this is that we get to know each other. First, so my name is Vanessa nap.

00:09:20.250 –> 00:09:28.200
Danessa Knaupp: And the CEO and founder of Avenue advisors. I’m also a senior executive coach here at air and delighted to be part of this community.

00:09:28.860 –> 00:09:41.850
Danessa Knaupp: I have been a trusted advisor to C suite and senior executives for several years now, having been for the 20 years prior to that, a leader myself. I’ve been reminded recently that

00:09:42.270 –> 00:09:54.150
Danessa Knaupp: When I was younger than I am today very young, as a leader. I was responsible for a team of nearly 200 in the days after 911 and there are echoes of that in what we’re doing.

00:09:54.660 –> 00:10:06.390
Danessa Knaupp: And I’ve been able to bring forward and draw from those lessons. I’m an author and a speaker my book as Jonathan mentioned is naked at work leaders guide to fearless authenticity, making it work has taken on a whole new meaning.

00:10:07.440 –> 00:10:15.000
Danessa Knaupp: Those of us who are now sitting at doing some social distancing and working from home. So to be clear, it is a metaphor.

00:10:15.570 –> 00:10:23.760
Danessa Knaupp: I’m, I’m a frequent hand washer and to be honest with this group. I really, really dislike change.

00:10:24.240 –> 00:10:35.910
Danessa Knaupp: And so I’m noticing over the last week where it seems like things changed by the hour on what we’re doing and what we understand and what our guidance is

00:10:36.330 –> 00:10:54.480
Danessa Knaupp: That a lot of that is coming, front and center. A lot of my own experience is coming, front and center. And I imagine that for many of you, you’re noticing that too. So our goals today are to give you a framework to really think about how you want to show up.

00:10:55.530 –> 00:11:05.520
Danessa Knaupp: Because the truth is that leadership matters more now than it did last week, last month, last year.

00:11:06.570 –> 00:11:19.230
Danessa Knaupp: You think about an emergency. If you think about any sort of crisis, we get to a place where we are looking for a clear and compelling voice.

00:11:19.710 –> 00:11:32.880
Danessa Knaupp: Even as people talk about medical rooms triage. There’s always someone in charge. There’s always someone having a conversation about what’s next. And for those of us in this room. That’s our job.

00:11:33.930 –> 00:11:42.090
Danessa Knaupp: And so, the truth is, as you think about your role as leader mattering most. Now, what I would call out to you is that you have a choice.

00:11:42.870 –> 00:12:01.800
Danessa Knaupp: That you have a choice and how you show up, you will be remembered for how you’ve managed through this and you get to decide what that looks like. You get to decide what that idea is what that intention is

00:12:04.590 –> 00:12:10.080
Danessa Knaupp: There are three competencies that emerged that become differentiators for leaders in crisis.

00:12:11.190 –> 00:12:16.560
Danessa Knaupp: The first is that of candor. The second is compassion. And the third is courage.

00:12:18.270 –> 00:12:27.660
Danessa Knaupp: No matter what, if we think about leaders focused on delivering candid communication doing so with compassion and humanity.

00:12:28.500 –> 00:12:35.190
Danessa Knaupp: And being brave in the face of the unknown are the ones who’ve changed the course of how we’ve navigated

00:12:35.670 –> 00:12:45.840
Danessa Knaupp: difficult times, you can think historically, you could think within your organization. But if you were to bring to mind a leader that you believe has done this well.

00:12:46.410 –> 00:13:01.350
Danessa Knaupp: I’d argue that they did that on a foundation of these three competencies. These three competencies matter a ton for leaders every single day, but because they matter more. Now we’re going to spend our time now.

00:13:02.370 –> 00:13:05.130
Danessa Knaupp: So we’ll start with candor.

00:13:06.660 –> 00:13:07.530
Danessa Knaupp: candor.

00:13:08.760 –> 00:13:15.090
Danessa Knaupp: Make sure that we’re moving through the slides here. There we go, Candor is about being really clear.

00:13:16.950 –> 00:13:34.290
Danessa Knaupp: Being clear with your teams on what you expect clear with your clients about what you can deliver and really clear about what you don’t know yet if you’re like me your email box is full of every relationship virtual or not that you have in your life and

00:13:35.490 –> 00:13:53.250
Danessa Knaupp: Vendors telling you what they’re doing about this the messages that stand out, are the ones that have either a clear call to action or our brief, that’s one of the reasons we spent very little time thinking about lots of follow up to this.

00:13:54.300 –> 00:14:03.000
Danessa Knaupp: When we are in crisis clarity and concise notice is really important. So for you, as you think about your team’s

00:14:03.870 –> 00:14:18.900
Danessa Knaupp: candor might come to play as you think about delivering expectations to them on how they might work differently in this environment. So things like do you expect them to be available for the same hours, you might have before.

00:14:20.610 –> 00:14:23.100
Danessa Knaupp: What resources are available to them.

00:14:24.510 –> 00:14:27.810
Danessa Knaupp: Do you expect them to do the same amount of work that they might have before.

00:14:29.160 –> 00:14:40.500
Danessa Knaupp: What happens if a family member gets sick thinking proactively about how you can help people navigate this by being really crisp in your communication is important.

00:14:41.490 –> 00:14:50.190
Danessa Knaupp: Clear with clients on what you can deliver is another really important conversation. This isn’t a time to over promise there never really is.

00:14:50.880 –> 00:15:02.040
Danessa Knaupp: But this is a time to really be clear on what you might have to do differently now what you’re still considering or most importantly what you don’t yet understand

00:15:03.840 –> 00:15:11.400
Danessa Knaupp: You think about candor, you want to think about making sure that your message is value add that you’re not adding to noise for people

00:15:11.970 –> 00:15:17.160
Danessa Knaupp: I had to laugh out loud when I got an email from some of my relationships.

00:15:17.730 –> 00:15:30.960
Danessa Knaupp: Right there, sitting in my email box, taking up room, taking up mindshare and they’re not businesses that really are impacted by this my relationship isn’t impacted by this. But they felt the need to say something.

00:15:31.440 –> 00:15:38.370
Danessa Knaupp: Be careful about that as a leader. You want to make sure that what you’re saying to people is clear and value add

00:15:39.810 –> 00:15:46.170
Danessa Knaupp: The clarity helps build trust. But the other thing it does is it makes it easy for people to hear you.

00:15:48.000 –> 00:15:51.660
Danessa Knaupp: I don’t know about you, but we have children working from home with us as well.

00:15:52.410 –> 00:15:59.670
Danessa Knaupp: So here in this House about a week ago, I was pretty sure that we were going to do. Hashtag own things. So we were going to homeschool

00:16:00.000 –> 00:16:05.790
Danessa Knaupp: We were going to all work out. We were all going to really take this opportunity to hone our best selves.

00:16:06.510 –> 00:16:22.590
Danessa Knaupp: And it was about yesterday where I decided that my bar for success has turned into we are all going to still be speaking and alive at the end of this, this is a lot of change for everyone involved, whether they’re in your home or in your office.

00:16:23.820 –> 00:16:36.660
Danessa Knaupp: And when you speak clearly and candidly, as a leader. It enables them to hear you think of all the things you have on your mind right now that have nothing to do with this webinar.

00:16:38.640 –> 00:16:46.590
Danessa Knaupp: Your mind is full of how you’re going to manage relatives who are at risk, how you’re going to manage children out of school.

00:16:47.100 –> 00:17:02.190
Danessa Knaupp: How you’re going to think about leading in your business, all of these things crowd our minds and so it’s critical that as leaders we are clear in our messaging, because the people listening to us have so much other noise.

00:17:04.260 –> 00:17:05.820
Danessa Knaupp: The last thing I would say about Canada.

00:17:06.840 –> 00:17:15.570
Danessa Knaupp: Is sometimes socially. We think that candor is the opposite of being nice and being candid isn’t nice

00:17:16.950 –> 00:17:28.740
Danessa Knaupp: Think it’s really important that we remember that nice is actually a social Moray that protects us keeps us out of uncomfortable things. It keeps things moving along smoothly.

00:17:29.490 –> 00:17:44.430
Danessa Knaupp: But what we really want to strive for here is to be kind to be kind to ourselves to be kind to the people listening to our messaging and so it might be kind to be clear with a client that you don’t know that you can deliver on the timeline you promised.

00:17:45.630 –> 00:17:47.460
Danessa Knaupp: I’d be not be nice for them to hear

00:17:48.600 –> 00:17:56.820
Danessa Knaupp: Might not be comfortable for everyone, but it allows them the most information in the earliest way and that is kind

00:17:57.900 –> 00:18:06.840
Danessa Knaupp: So the first competency that I want you to really think about and internalized as we talk through this is that of candor.

00:18:09.810 –> 00:18:22.170
Danessa Knaupp: Will move now to a reflection exercise in the chat in a moment. I’m going to ask if you’re comfortable, you’re welcome to share this. But to start this is just for you.

00:18:23.160 –> 00:18:34.890
Danessa Knaupp: I want you to walk away from this and really feel like you have an action plan to put your leadership intentions into practice. And so this is where we put the rubber to the road here.

00:18:36.120 –> 00:18:40.290
Danessa Knaupp: I’d like you to jot down just a couple of ways.

00:18:41.520 –> 00:18:51.960
Danessa Knaupp: That you could be candid now. And the question I asked you the prompt I’d give you is, what do you need to be candid about

00:18:53.670 –> 00:18:57.840
Danessa Knaupp: So I’ll give you about a minute to think about that.

00:18:59.130 –> 00:19:14.340
Danessa Knaupp: to jot that down for yourself what you need to be candid about to allow your leadership intention to match your execution to create this legacy of helping people understand

00:19:15.420 –> 00:19:26.340
Danessa Knaupp: What they need to be and do and make sure that you really shape your leadership legacy. What do you need to do. Excuse me. What do you need to be candid about now.

00:19:50.250 –> 00:20:00.480
Danessa Knaupp: Alright so that was about a minute I did invite you to share in the chat. And remember, you want to click to make sure it’s to all participants.

00:20:01.680 –> 00:20:09.270
Danessa Knaupp: All panelists and attendees as Robin has put kindly in the chat to share what you need to be candid about now.

00:20:10.890 –> 00:20:16.710
Danessa Knaupp: So how goals still need to be met, availability, what we don’t know. I love that.

00:20:19.260 –> 00:20:27.450
Danessa Knaupp: Tim, I love the idea of we have new norms. This is going to be different. We don’t have all the answers. Yeah, maybe I don’t

00:20:28.800 –> 00:20:30.450
Danessa Knaupp: I don’t think everyone does.

00:20:33.060 –> 00:20:33.390

00:20:36.960 –> 00:20:41.160
Danessa Knaupp: Yeah, Erica. I love when we return back to normal.

00:20:42.210 –> 00:20:45.630
Danessa Knaupp: And back. I don’t know what that’s going to be

00:20:48.990 –> 00:20:52.860
Danessa Knaupp: Right, good. So this is great thoughts and

00:20:54.150 –> 00:20:58.410
Danessa Knaupp: I’d encourage you to think about being candid

00:20:59.700 –> 00:21:01.230
Danessa Knaupp: In an appropriate way.

00:21:02.370 –> 00:21:11.880
Danessa Knaupp: Will help you build trust with that team. Yeah, sometimes personal or family needs will try and professional ones. Yeah, having that conversation is important.

00:21:15.480 –> 00:21:23.100
Danessa Knaupp: Good. Thank you. I’d encourage you, if you want to continue reflecting on that, please feel free to jot down again.

00:21:23.490 –> 00:21:37.590
Danessa Knaupp: The theme we’re weaving through here is if people are going to remember you as leader, if this is going to create your legacy. How can you harness your intention and make sure that’s what you’re delivering and the first step is around being candid

00:21:40.500 –> 00:21:42.840
Danessa Knaupp: The second step is around being compassionate.

00:21:44.250 –> 00:21:50.940
Danessa Knaupp: So thinking about how can we be flexible and human

00:21:52.470 –> 00:21:59.580
Danessa Knaupp: Flexible and human. The good news is you are already human so you don’t have to practice that

00:22:00.420 –> 00:22:12.480
Danessa Knaupp: Most of us though just need to remember that in all of this, we are experiencing this first as human beings and second as employees and leaders.

00:22:13.230 –> 00:22:35.460
Danessa Knaupp: And frankly, maybe fifth or 10th as employees and leaders but compassion is about being flexible and human we want to think about what might your people need as the work environment shifts. So a great example is, is their training they need is their equipment they need

00:22:36.720 –> 00:22:50.340
Danessa Knaupp: I spoke to a broadcaster recently and their company cannot get the equipment they need to broadcast in their home. And so this broadcaster has to go into work.

00:22:51.840 –> 00:22:54.840
Danessa Knaupp: And can’t social distance in the way that she wants to

00:22:56.460 –> 00:23:04.380
Danessa Knaupp: That’s a great opportunity for her leaders and her company to proactively be thinking about what am I, people need in this environment, they might need.

00:23:04.920 –> 00:23:20.130
Danessa Knaupp: More awareness that hey, we’re going to do our best. And that might mean that we no longer have to dress a certain way, when we get on video. It’s not the same as being in the office. It might be okay to have kids and pets in the background.

00:23:21.540 –> 00:23:30.300
Danessa Knaupp: What might you people need you to say, I need you to give them to really help them understand. So I’d encourage you to think about that.

00:23:31.950 –> 00:23:44.190
Danessa Knaupp: You might have to know how to connect the really most important part of this for you as a leader you can’t do any of these things. If you’re not going to be present and visible.

00:23:45.330 –> 00:23:47.550
Danessa Knaupp: So your people might just need to see

00:23:48.870 –> 00:23:52.560
Danessa Knaupp: Or hear from you on Slack or text or email or video

00:23:54.090 –> 00:24:03.810
Danessa Knaupp: I was speaking with an air colleague this morning, who told me about a CEO who is having coffee in the morning with her employees on an open zoom call. That’s great.

00:24:05.280 –> 00:24:15.870
Danessa Knaupp: There are small things that people need. And if we think first about compassion and think first about our humanity, we can do a lot in this case.

00:24:17.610 –> 00:24:25.020
Danessa Knaupp: As you think about what your people need. You might think also about. How might your clients need to experience your compassion.

00:24:26.010 –> 00:24:37.530
Danessa Knaupp: So how do you think about a cancellation policy. How do you think about billing. It was a great example. Early on, from a company, not doing this so

00:24:38.400 –> 00:24:47.490
Danessa Knaupp: Delta Airlines and American Airlines. If you are watching their response to this Delta Airlines came out and said hey shift your travel, we got it. We’re good.

00:24:48.600 –> 00:24:59.670
Danessa Knaupp: American Airlines response for the first 24 hours was hey if you continue buying tickets tickets bought after March 1 happy to shift them.

00:25:01.920 –> 00:25:02.370
Danessa Knaupp: Know,

00:25:03.450 –> 00:25:12.420
Danessa Knaupp: That wasn’t broad enough, it wasn’t compassionate enough American has absolutely fallen in line. They’ve gotten in the right space. So there’s no bad dogs here but

00:25:13.110 –> 00:25:20.700
Danessa Knaupp: If they’d been thinking first about compassion around. What do we need to do for our people for people who are worried about travel

00:25:21.180 –> 00:25:31.050
Danessa Knaupp: When they bought the ticket isn’t important. So putting that lens of compassion across how you’re working with clients will help you understand what they may need

00:25:34.080 –> 00:25:42.150
Danessa Knaupp: The most important piece, though, is the third piece of compassion and it’s how might you be compassionate to yourself as leader.

00:25:43.260 –> 00:25:52.830
Danessa Knaupp: We have now well over 200 people on this call. And I would argue that each of you has always been a fast runner and a high performer.

00:25:54.720 –> 00:26:06.060
Danessa Knaupp: And argued. Lots of you also decided that this was the time I’m going to be home. I’m going to do 200 push ups a day. That’s great. I have no excuse. I shouldn’t be sitting in any room that has a project to do because I’m home all the time.

00:26:07.680 –> 00:26:13.440
Danessa Knaupp: And that may be true, but vastly underestimate the emotional weight of what you’re carrying

00:26:15.510 –> 00:26:32.280
Danessa Knaupp: Everything has been disrupted for us. That’s not terrible. I’m not complaining. Many of us have food plenty of food to eat plenty of places to be. But we are still disrupted and then being disrupted things require more energy.

00:26:33.510 –> 00:26:49.470
Danessa Knaupp: So your morning routine, which used to be, get up, get dressed, leave the house as people are just waking grab your coffee from your Barista hop on the train and get into your office now looks really different. You’re probably related to the barista now right

00:26:50.700 –> 00:26:53.430
Danessa Knaupp: Everyone else is still in the room with you.

00:26:55.140 –> 00:27:09.690
Danessa Knaupp: Adjusting to new across every single thing that we’re doing requires energy. And so if you’re exhausted. At the end of the day, and don’t have time to be your best self, if all you can do is show up and survive for a day. Okay.

00:27:11.010 –> 00:27:15.120
Danessa Knaupp: Looking at yourself compassionately will allow you to do that.

00:27:16.920 –> 00:27:24.120
Danessa Knaupp: We know when we think about positive psychology that blasting yourself for what you’re not able to do isn’t going to get you far

00:27:25.980 –> 00:27:31.560
Danessa Knaupp: So when you think about the lens of

00:27:33.870 –> 00:27:51.930
Danessa Knaupp: Compassion and think about it for your clients. Think about it for your people and think about it for yourself what bubbles to the top as important is different than it might have been a month ago.

00:27:55.470 –> 00:27:58.590
Danessa Knaupp: So thinking about compassion.

00:27:59.700 –> 00:28:02.760
Danessa Knaupp: I’d like you to take a moment and consider

00:28:04.110 –> 00:28:12.180
Danessa Knaupp: What you need to do first after this conversation to demonstrate your compassion.

00:28:13.260 –> 00:28:24.240
Danessa Knaupp: So for yourself on your own paper as you create a plan to leave this webinar and drive your intention forward to lead in a new way.

00:28:24.660 –> 00:28:29.790
Danessa Knaupp: Or in an expanded way or in the way that matches your intentions. Many of you are already doing this.

00:28:30.300 –> 00:28:42.360
Danessa Knaupp: I’d like you to just jot down some thoughts on what do you need to do first exercise compassion and then in a minute. Those of you that are comfortable can share them, but please jot them for yourself and then share them in the moment.

00:29:29.100 –> 00:29:37.710
Danessa Knaupp: Alright, as you’re comfortable, please. If you’d like to share with our group here. I’d love to hear what you need to do first to exercise that compassion.

00:29:40.320 –> 00:29:49.170
Danessa Knaupp: So I’m seeing flexibility deeply think and put myself in someone else’s shoes. Yeah, personal check ins with folks. I love that.

00:29:52.830 –> 00:29:53.940
Danessa Knaupp: Self care.

00:29:58.020 –> 00:30:00.510
Danessa Knaupp: Reaching out to folks with shows of support.

00:30:02.160 –> 00:30:08.730
Danessa Knaupp: I saw medication fly by that’s critically important, right, making sure that we’re taking care of our physical bodies.

00:30:09.990 –> 00:30:12.390
Danessa Knaupp: More comfort for work from home, folks. Yep.

00:30:14.010 –> 00:30:27.390
Danessa Knaupp: Oh, and more more compassion for your college student. I was blown away by the emotional response of my college student to being home not prepared for that on really had to dig in and find my compassion for that.

00:30:30.390 –> 00:30:46.830
Danessa Knaupp: And self compassion. Yeah, not always being grounded in these times, these are unprecedented times and we are human. We are not always going to be our best selves. You can just notice. Wow, that’s a really small thought I probably need a snack or a nap. I

00:30:52.050 –> 00:30:53.370
Danessa Knaupp: Connected to family.

00:30:56.760 –> 00:31:01.980
Danessa Knaupp: I love seeing how many of these are focused on self care that’s really important.

00:31:03.930 –> 00:31:07.020
Danessa Knaupp: And having just having the conversation about

00:31:08.160 –> 00:31:11.730
Danessa Knaupp: That this is hard and it’s okay that it’s hard. We haven’t done it before.

00:31:13.500 –> 00:31:23.460
Danessa Knaupp: One of the things I’m noticing that I’m having a lot of conversations about is and for it through this lens of compassion is the idea that uncertain isn’t necessarily unsafe.

00:31:24.930 –> 00:31:31.530
Danessa Knaupp: And this is hard because it’s hard. We haven’t done it before. We’re all beginners at this

00:31:32.850 –> 00:31:38.430
Danessa Knaupp: Will get better at it. Most of us are on day six or seven. We’re not expert.

00:31:42.810 –> 00:31:50.100
Danessa Knaupp: All right, thank you so much for sharing it in the chat. Lots of great ideas there.

00:31:51.300 –> 00:31:52.620
Danessa Knaupp: Lots of great ideas.

00:31:54.420 –> 00:32:00.540
Danessa Knaupp: So we’re going to move to the third piece of this, and that is about courage.

00:32:02.190 –> 00:32:23.220
Danessa Knaupp: Courage is about being brave and bold and I’m not talking about peacock bold. I’m talking about thinking in a new way, exploring in a new way, creating new and different expectations for yourself and others. So here’s some ways that we might bring forward courage.

00:32:24.390 –> 00:32:32.160
Danessa Knaupp: To be clear, this is an unprecedented opportunity to innovate and create. It’s unprecedented

00:32:33.540 –> 00:32:48.390
Danessa Knaupp: It has changed our world so quickly. All of us have whiplash. And we have new and different meetings now than we did a week ago. This is not about capitalizing on catastrophe. Please don’t misunderstand me

00:32:50.220 –> 00:32:57.360
Danessa Knaupp: It’s not about price gouging. It’s not about hoarding hand sanitizer. This guy’s got what was coming to them if you knew that news story.

00:32:58.410 –> 00:33:14.910
Danessa Knaupp: This is about how might you really think differently. This is disruption on a global scale, and we can think about how to show up in that in a way that helps all of us. So how do you think about empowering your team.

00:33:15.930 –> 00:33:19.380
Danessa Knaupp: How might you think about addressing a market need in a different way.

00:33:20.490 –> 00:33:37.650
Danessa Knaupp: Can you use this change and circumstance to see the world in a different way. And there are great examples of this all around us right now. So one of my favorites is a tiny art shop in the Midwest, the cold MacArthur Manor.

00:33:38.850 –> 00:33:52.860
Danessa Knaupp: MacArthur manner every day at one o’clock goes live on Facebook with an art class for children of all ages. This is a tiny art shop. They have thousands 10s of thousands

00:33:53.280 –> 00:34:02.820
Danessa Knaupp: Of children doing art with them and they are captivated for an hour they published the supply list so that you can get it off Amazon. They updated daily

00:34:04.380 –> 00:34:13.800
Danessa Knaupp: In another endeavor. There’s a publishing house to be transparent to the publishing house associated with my book. This is not an advertisement. But this is why I know about it.

00:34:14.460 –> 00:34:27.690
Danessa Knaupp: That realized you know what everybody’s trapped at home. A lot of people are probably thinking, hey, I should read that book. They’re giving a two day class away for free on how to write your books and then it gets published go out and sign up for it.

00:34:28.920 –> 00:34:39.360
Danessa Knaupp: That’s what they can contribute here. So each of us can think about what can we contribute, what can we do, what’s the gift we can bring forward.

00:34:40.980 –> 00:34:45.480
Danessa Knaupp: And how do we do that in a way that matches. Today’s expectations. I

00:34:46.170 –> 00:34:59.580
Danessa Knaupp: Think all of you have heard, perhaps because all we do is watch the news right or read the news about the perfume factory that shifted and is making hand sanitizer about the folks who have 3D printers that are making ventilator parts.

00:35:00.720 –> 00:35:09.210
Danessa Knaupp: Really quick and nimble responses somebody asking for the name of the heart of the art shop. It’s MacArthur manner.

00:35:11.580 –> 00:35:21.750
Danessa Knaupp: So when you think about being brave and bold, you want to think about how do you innovate and create but also how are you

00:35:22.770 –> 00:35:35.070
Danessa Knaupp: Thinking about being brave and bold in support of your people in support of your community and partners. We are not staying home. Most of us because we’re worried. We’re going to get this

00:35:35.760 –> 00:35:42.060
Danessa Knaupp: We’re staying home as an exercise in community empathy to build our community and to keep us all safe.

00:35:43.140 –> 00:35:53.760
Danessa Knaupp: And we can take that further as we think about support. So when we think about support, we can think about stepping out of our comfort zone and doing something different. That’s brave.

00:35:54.510 –> 00:36:03.960
Danessa Knaupp: If that CEO having coffee with hundreds of people every morning as an introvert, putting herself on camera and showing up that way to all those people early in the morning is brave.

00:36:06.780 –> 00:36:18.210
Danessa Knaupp: Patagonia CEO Rosemary carrio shut her doors and shut her website and paid all her people well before the declare declaration of a national emergency and did so.

00:36:19.320 –> 00:36:28.260
Danessa Knaupp: In the name of public health and safety for her employees. That’s bold, there’s no financial projection that would suggest, she should do that.

00:36:29.520 –> 00:36:34.140
Danessa Knaupp: In fact, I’m guessing that there were folks who weren’t happy with that.

00:36:35.190 –> 00:36:49.230
Danessa Knaupp: Eric Yuan, the CEO of zoom the company we’re using for this platform has made his product free for all k 12 schools at a time when his CFO is talking about making sure they keep up with capacity.

00:36:50.430 –> 00:36:52.500
Danessa Knaupp: They made a bold move to increase

00:36:54.480 –> 00:36:56.340
Danessa Knaupp: Their demand for free.

00:36:57.810 –> 00:37:00.690
Danessa Knaupp: At a time where they’re trying to figure out how to keep up.

00:37:02.730 –> 00:37:16.170
Danessa Knaupp: So what we can do now to be brave and support our communities can look really different. It can be protective. It can be a small move it can be a big move

00:37:18.360 –> 00:37:21.870
Danessa Knaupp: But you have specialized knowledge.

00:37:22.890 –> 00:37:28.530
Danessa Knaupp: You have years of experience and you can put that to use in a different way.

00:37:30.270 –> 00:37:36.150
Danessa Knaupp: Whether that’s to use for your people to use for your community and put that to use in a different way.

00:37:38.370 –> 00:37:44.280
Danessa Knaupp: And thinking critically about how to do that can help move you through these times.

00:37:45.690 –> 00:37:56.760
Danessa Knaupp: So the third piece of living out your leadership legacy and intention is about being courageous again not peacock bold not look at me bold.

00:37:57.960 –> 00:38:01.950
Danessa Knaupp: But being brave in a way that is different than we’ve been before.

00:38:04.380 –> 00:38:06.840
Danessa Knaupp: You can look around and see opportunities to do that.

00:38:09.330 –> 00:38:14.220
Danessa Knaupp: So as we think about how to be brave. I’d love for you.

00:38:15.420 –> 00:38:28.680
Danessa Knaupp: To think about again for yourself and then in the chat if you’re comfortable sharing with us. What opportunity do you have to inspire or live out your courage.

00:38:33.360 –> 00:38:34.110
Danessa Knaupp: So I’ll give you

00:38:35.790 –> 00:38:36.720
Danessa Knaupp: A minute for that.

00:39:31.050 –> 00:39:35.280
Danessa Knaupp: Alright, so you want to share with our group on this call together.

00:39:36.990 –> 00:39:39.990
Danessa Knaupp: We’d love to hear from you on how you are going to be brave.

00:39:46.770 –> 00:39:51.810
Danessa Knaupp: Yeah, depend on and work on the team that’s hard sometimes for leaders.

00:39:56.610 –> 00:39:57.780
Danessa Knaupp: Share courage.

00:39:59.940 –> 00:40:01.170
Danessa Knaupp: Sharing a vision.

00:40:09.720 –> 00:40:20.640
Danessa Knaupp: And depending on the team and opening up for ideas that you may have wanted more awareness have more control more vetting of that’s brave and I’m seeing lots of that being vulnerable.

00:40:25.620 –> 00:40:30.030
Danessa Knaupp: ensuring effective communication that overlaps candor. Right.

00:40:34.620 –> 00:40:40.260
Danessa Knaupp: Brian saying we have the opportunity to be bold creators of a new and better world and to reinvent absolutely true.

00:40:42.600 –> 00:40:53.400
Danessa Knaupp: I tend to be a Pollyanna anyway. But the truth is future work was coming and lots of US weren’t ready. We’re going to get right here. We’re going to know more. At the end of this than we did before.

00:40:55.620 –> 00:41:04.590
Danessa Knaupp: Giving time to people, reducing work yeah to expect full productivity from your people in the near term is

00:41:06.270 –> 00:41:07.800
Danessa Knaupp: Perhaps unwise

00:41:10.230 –> 00:41:12.300
Danessa Knaupp: Folks are dealing with the same load you are

00:41:13.560 –> 00:41:21.780
Danessa Knaupp: We talked about humanity and in my book and talk about, you know, we’re not acknowledging the human experience of our people. It doesn’t mean they’re not having it. It just means we’re not aware of it.

00:41:27.660 –> 00:41:35.730
Danessa Knaupp: All right, good. So I think that opportunity to inspire courage is really a critical one for us to think about

00:41:46.020 –> 00:41:46.680
Danessa Knaupp: About

00:41:47.700 –> 00:41:49.290
Danessa Knaupp: Leaders and teams.

00:41:50.820 –> 00:41:58.140
Danessa Knaupp: Leaders and teams will feel the ripple effect of this moment for a really long time.

00:42:00.480 –> 00:42:07.080
Danessa Knaupp: It just. Will you remember. Remember what happened in your work after 911 if you were working, then

00:42:08.580 –> 00:42:10.860
Danessa Knaupp: You know how long that took how that felt

00:42:13.380 –> 00:42:19.740
Danessa Knaupp: And what you do today will create that legacy, whether you set the intention or not.

00:42:21.240 –> 00:42:36.870
Danessa Knaupp: So the purpose of our conversation today is to help you pull out of the triage and think consciously about what is the impression I want to leave. What is the legacy. I want to leave here.

00:42:38.160 –> 00:42:39.600
Danessa Knaupp: How do I build that

00:42:42.000 –> 00:42:44.550
Danessa Knaupp: And choose the impression you create

00:42:49.410 –> 00:42:52.980
Danessa Knaupp: If you focus on candor being clear

00:42:54.090 –> 00:42:55.350
Danessa Knaupp: Being concise.

00:42:56.910 –> 00:43:03.420
Danessa Knaupp: being transparent with people, compassion, being human and connected and flexible.

00:43:04.770 –> 00:43:08.070
Danessa Knaupp: And courage, looking for opportunities to be brave.

00:43:09.270 –> 00:43:16.800
Danessa Knaupp: And knowing that some days being brave is a new idea and a new way to do business in some ways, being brave.

00:43:18.330 –> 00:43:21.990
Danessa Knaupp: Is standing in front of people and staying home.

00:43:23.910 –> 00:43:26.880
Danessa Knaupp: Brave is going to look different ways over the coming days.

00:43:28.650 –> 00:43:39.840
Danessa Knaupp: But the underlying courage is there. So, thinking, using the frames of candor compassion and courage, you can set your intention about how you want to lead and live that out.

00:43:41.820 –> 00:43:57.390
Danessa Knaupp: I want to pause now and give us time for questions. So this has been a high level view of these things. And I know so many of you on have probably questions about how to live that out for yourselves, or your people.

00:43:58.200 –> 00:44:03.540
Danessa Knaupp: So I’d ask you to put your questions in the chat and Robin has kindly offered

00:44:04.650 –> 00:44:11.820
Danessa Knaupp: To help moderate those and I’d be happy to spend some time answering those before we wrap up.

00:44:15.510 –> 00:44:24.840
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: All right, thank you so much done. So this has been absolutely excellent so yes will begin to answer some questions, you can go ahead and put them in the chat.

00:44:25.320 –> 00:44:38.340
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: And we’ll get through as many as we can. So I see a great question down here from Rachel. It says, what advice would you give to leaders who need to keep morale up when many team members are being let go.

00:44:40.200 –> 00:45:01.440
Danessa Knaupp: Yeah, I think, um, I don’t know that our old frame of keeping morale up in the same way we did before applies when lots of people are being let go. The truth is, there are industries that are letting people go and we don’t have a safety net.

00:45:02.760 –> 00:45:10.650
Danessa Knaupp: And so sometimes simply acknowledging that and saying how hard it is to watch how hard it is to live.

00:45:11.670 –> 00:45:24.630
Danessa Knaupp: And being able to rely on what you know that company will do if you don’t know what the company will do. You don’t want to do this, but thinking about here’s how we’re committed to helping you through this process.

00:45:26.220 –> 00:45:38.580
Danessa Knaupp: Is really all you can do. That’s that candor. Right on. This is a really difficult situation. It’s unprecedented and we’re having to make difficult decisions that have negative impact on people and that’s really hard.

00:45:39.990 –> 00:45:48.750
Danessa Knaupp: And that’s sometimes. All we can say about that. But I think trying to spin or shine or saying, Hey, it’s okay, let’s keep keep our chins up

00:45:51.180 –> 00:45:54.120
Danessa Knaupp: May ring hollow for folks at this time.

00:45:56.040 –> 00:46:04.260
Danessa Knaupp: That that would be my advice. But again, advice is a one person game. So you could ask 100 people and get 100 other opinions, too.

00:46:07.620 –> 00:46:20.820
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Yeah, that’s fantastic. Alright, so we’ve got another question here from Sam. It says trust in the workplace is critical. So how do you inspire trust in organizations that are stressed and working remotely.

00:46:21.360 –> 00:46:31.710
Danessa Knaupp: So I think the framework, I’d offer is to remind leaders that there are three kinds of trust. So there’s strategic trust. There’s organizational trust or systemic trust. And then there’s our personal trust.

00:46:32.430 –> 00:46:44.220
Danessa Knaupp: And leaders would do be well served to make sure they’re building on each of the three where they have control. So interpersonal trust is I trust you. I trust, Robin. I trust Jonathan and

00:46:44.700 –> 00:46:54.450
Danessa Knaupp: You know personally. We can work that out organizational trust is I trust in the systems that are pulled us. And oh, by the way, as a society, in the United States and and most of the countries.

00:46:54.720 –> 00:47:05.490
Danessa Knaupp: Throughout the world now we’re a little being not a little we’re being rocked on systemic trust right the math on hospital beds and potential hospitalizations rocks are systemic trust.

00:47:06.330 –> 00:47:13.410
Danessa Knaupp: Then, a lot of people are going to get sick and we can’t do that. I didn’t know that before but that’s an example of when systemic trust feels funky.

00:47:13.980 –> 00:47:19.140
Danessa Knaupp: So you want to think about how do you inspire systemic trust what systems, does your company have in place to help people.

00:47:19.950 –> 00:47:35.310
Danessa Knaupp: And can they trust those and then you want to think about strategic trust. So how are people trusting in your overall leadership vision so leaders would be well served to tend to each of these three kinds of trust and they’ll have the strongest results.

00:47:40.590 –> 00:47:41.670
Danessa Knaupp: I can’t hear you. Robin

00:47:43.350 –> 00:47:53.910
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Sorry about that. There’s a great question down here from Jay, how can leaders be aware when their colleagues may be in need of mental health support and how should they handle that. Yeah.

00:47:53.970 –> 00:48:02.280
Danessa Knaupp: Great question, J. So the first way I would answer that is there are lots of qualified folks on the air global team who are both counselors.

00:48:03.090 –> 00:48:15.390
Danessa Knaupp: And coaches, I am not one of those people. So what I’m giving you is not medical advice. What I would say is there are widely available to us as leaders screening questions for mental health issues.

00:48:15.570 –> 00:48:24.330
Danessa Knaupp: Those are available to you online. You can ask a qualified counselor to help with those and you want to be thinking about that. So I think, Jay, the most

00:48:24.780 –> 00:48:34.560
Danessa Knaupp: The easiest way for people to be aware of it is to understand that they are all stressed, we are all not the best version of ourselves right now.

00:48:35.760 –> 00:48:51.390
Danessa Knaupp: And so we are more susceptible to things we’re more susceptible to falling out of our routines more susceptible to not caring for ourselves. So know when people sit across from you. They are not the best version of themselves and help them. Look at what support they might need.

00:48:56.790 –> 00:49:07.950
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Fantastic. There’s a question down here. So from key to who’s another one of our coaches. She says, I’m curious to hear your thoughts to NASA on the higher potential meaning of what is going on today.

00:49:09.690 –> 00:49:18.570
Danessa Knaupp: I you know I thought about this on my walk this morning I have instituted a mandatory mental health walk which on day one. The whole family went on and

00:49:18.990 –> 00:49:28.410
Danessa Knaupp: Today, out of the five children who live with me here at home, only one went on. So, just as we talk about courage and lowering our expectations, that’s about where I’ve gotten on that.

00:49:28.830 –> 00:49:39.720
Danessa Knaupp: But I was on the mental health lot this morning, I was thinking about, we have an opportunity, each of us. And this comes from my own experience.

00:49:41.220 –> 00:49:49.890
Danessa Knaupp: To be more connected to the present moment to be more connected to what we have now, not what we think is going to happen or be concerned about what was

00:49:50.370 –> 00:50:04.350
Danessa Knaupp: I’m a planner in my life. So I had for international vacations, all of which have canceled and and it really has come present for me how much I was living ahead of myself.

00:50:05.340 –> 00:50:09.090
Danessa Knaupp: how surprised I am to be here. I wasn’t going to be

00:50:09.660 –> 00:50:20.460
Danessa Knaupp: And for me, it has been a reminder about presence, you know, one of the exercises I teach folks when they’re working with anxiety. Again, I’m not a therapist. It’s leaders, working with anxiety as they plan.

00:50:20.970 –> 00:50:33.900
Danessa Knaupp: Is around thinking of a 54321 exercise to ground yourself. So five things that you can hear four things that you can see three things that you can

00:50:34.260 –> 00:50:44.730
Danessa Knaupp: Touch two things that you can taste, you know, you can swap them in as you go. But the end of that exercise places you firmly in the present moment.

00:50:45.660 –> 00:50:50.880
Danessa Knaupp: And for many of us. That’s what this is doing and i don’t i don’t

00:50:51.390 –> 00:51:04.650
Danessa Knaupp: pretend to know any more than that, too. But for myself, personally, that’s what it’s doing is I am living very much in this morning, very much in this now and very much of this afternoon and tomorrow, what else probably gonna do today.

00:51:07.620 –> 00:51:19.950
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Absolutely. Um, here’s a great question here from Margaret, you’re talking about these different behaviors. She asks, How important is it for these actions to be demonstrated from the top down.

00:51:20.940 –> 00:51:27.900
Danessa Knaupp: Oh man, if I could build out organizations. Let’s put everybody top down, doing these things. But the truth is,

00:51:28.890 –> 00:51:39.330
Danessa Knaupp: When we are in crisis. We don’t all get the best version of ourselves, you know, communications in organizations trickles at the very top knows them and they trickle down to people. It would be great if

00:51:39.660 –> 00:51:48.240
Danessa Knaupp: Change response always did that as well. Right. But we are all reading our phone news alerts at the exact same time.

00:51:48.990 –> 00:52:00.060
Danessa Knaupp: And everyone’s personal experience. Many of you are likely our clients in some capacity and so you may have been exposed to the Hogan, which talks about

00:52:00.510 –> 00:52:05.340
Danessa Knaupp: Your adjustment or your innate sort of ability to respond to change.

00:52:05.910 –> 00:52:15.060
Danessa Knaupp: And sort of fluctuating circumstances and we’re all over the map on that. So it would be great if leaders could demonstrate this from the top down, I would always choose that.

00:52:15.330 –> 00:52:23.610
Danessa Knaupp: But I would also say that if you have a leader in their own swirl in their own moment of uncertainty, where they are being pulled

00:52:23.880 –> 00:52:39.930
Danessa Knaupp: Having people who are also living this by next to you. Below you no matter where you are in your organization, your presence connected self, your conscious understanding that what you do now matters.

00:52:40.320 –> 00:52:54.720
Danessa Knaupp: will support your organization. This is really about emotional intelligence right emotional intelligence is about understanding our own experience and understanding how that shows up in our interactions with others. That’s what it is. Right, knowing yourself owning yourself.

00:52:56.160 –> 00:53:04.380
Danessa Knaupp: And some of us are better at that than others, and some of them are dealing with bigger stressors than others, and some are better this afternoon and others will be tonight.

00:53:05.640 –> 00:53:11.460
Danessa Knaupp: So it would be awesome. But if not, it counts, even if those around your domain or below. You’re doing it.

00:53:14.700 –> 00:53:26.250
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Great. I’m Jim asks, how do you best communicate about likely bad news when it is not clear as to how much or how soon without causing panic. Yeah.

00:53:26.550 –> 00:53:36.450
Danessa Knaupp: Let me comment on that and also get to is kind of coming on excited and thriving in the current context. I’m always better in the mornings I feel like this is a hot mess disaster at night. Right. So I know that about

00:53:38.130 –> 00:53:41.880
Danessa Knaupp: Things are great sometimes and worse, others and

00:53:43.020 –> 00:53:52.500
Danessa Knaupp: Give me an answer to your question. I was having a conversation with my teenage son last night and I said to him, You know, I’m really concerned about your grandparents, we should really be thinking about your grandparents right now.

00:53:52.980 –> 00:54:00.030
Danessa Knaupp: He looked at me, he was like, Mom, how is that supposed to call me down. Now I’m worried about the thing I was worried about and worried about my grandparents.

00:54:00.900 –> 00:54:12.810
Danessa Knaupp: And I said, yeah, sorry, that was a shitty thing to do, right. So in the moment and forgive my language in the moment we’re not all great at this, but you want to think about when you have bad news.

00:54:14.340 –> 00:54:23.670
Danessa Knaupp: You want to think about what do you know what do you not know. So how candid, can you be, how are you able to care for people in it, what’s the likely human reaction.

00:54:25.560 –> 00:54:29.700
Danessa Knaupp: And in your gut, what is the right thing to do.

00:54:31.410 –> 00:54:33.180
Danessa Knaupp: Even though it may be uncomfortable for you.

00:54:34.530 –> 00:54:47.910
Danessa Knaupp: And so if that looks like telling people, if our sales shipped down by another 10% we have to think about costs. And one of the ways we might think about costs is around staff hours.

00:54:48.510 –> 00:55:01.470
Danessa Knaupp: And so while that’s not on the table. Now, it may be at some later point you may choose to have that conversation other people may have that exact same data and say we are not choosing to look at that now.

00:55:02.160 –> 00:55:12.690
Danessa Knaupp: And that’s all they say, but I would think about the frame of courage candor and compassion and see what that brings forward to you. You want to be compassionate enough that you’re not frightening people

00:55:13.320 –> 00:55:19.350
Danessa Knaupp: But you also want people to understand what the reality is that they have some time to think about that and prepare

00:55:23.670 –> 00:55:39.090
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Excellent. There’s a good question here. I can’t see who it’s from. But it says when people are looking for structure or roadmap for weeks to come in times like this. How do you balance their need for long term security and short term realities. Yeah.

00:55:42.390 –> 00:55:51.210
Danessa Knaupp: So it depends on how brave you’re feeling right um we could talk about hey we all want certainty uncertainty is a total illusion. Anyway, but I wouldn’t suggest that right now.

00:55:52.620 –> 00:55:59.970
Danessa Knaupp: That is not the message I would send but I think we would notice and you can say me and it would be great if we had a month long plan.

00:56:00.630 –> 00:56:13.020
Danessa Knaupp: But what we’re doing this week is really different than what we’re doing next. And so here’s the structure. I can give you. You always be talking to me about this, I will always be honest with you.

00:56:14.190 –> 00:56:20.910
Danessa Knaupp: Here’s how often we’re going to talk. Here’s the metrics, we’re going to review that will help us make decisions.

00:56:21.240 –> 00:56:31.650
Danessa Knaupp: So sometimes when everything is chaotic, you can think about what structure, can you add to your process to your interaction that will help people feel more secure.

00:56:32.280 –> 00:56:42.030
Danessa Knaupp: And then know to that that process may not be the one you have forever, but it can help. Um, can I address one of the questions in here. Robin about

00:56:42.840 –> 00:56:51.870
Danessa Knaupp: Let me scroll up somebody says it Mary Rose says to me, Candor, doesn’t mean unfiltered unfiltered often I’ve seen managers use the excuse of being authentic to say anything they want to

00:56:53.400 –> 00:57:10.620
Danessa Knaupp: That’s not what I’m talking about. So the I AM WHO I AM brand of authenticity is about self defense and protection when I talk about authenticity and I do a ton. In the book, releasing next week, but also about candor. I’m talking about in support of other people.

00:57:11.730 –> 00:57:17.070
Danessa Knaupp: So candor doesn’t support you as leader candor exist to support others.

00:57:18.450 –> 00:57:27.690
Danessa Knaupp: And so if you think about that frame. How can I be candid in support of other people that typically helps manage that I am I am brand of authenticity.

00:57:30.330 –> 00:57:32.850
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Absolutely. That’s excellent. Thank you for making that point.

00:57:34.470 –> 00:57:41.880
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Because a question from Mitch, how far can we go and communicating the boundary is required for containment.

00:57:43.470 –> 00:57:47.460
Danessa Knaupp: So, meaning the public health guidelines.

00:57:48.330 –> 00:57:59.250
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Yeah, I think this is sort of asking tapping into what’s appropriate. How do we know we’re talking, especially we’re talking about candor and courage, where might that boundary be

00:57:59.880 –> 00:58:10.260
Danessa Knaupp: Yeah. So, and this is a little bit where it can get socially Weird, right, because we somehow turn this into kind of a debate thing on like, do we are, don’t we, do we believe in it or not.

00:58:11.790 –> 00:58:18.300
Danessa Knaupp: Have an ornery 74 year old father told me once he doesn’t believe in umbrellas. And my answer was, they exist. You don’t get to debate that

00:58:18.900 –> 00:58:30.930
Danessa Knaupp: Whether you use them or not is different. Um, so I’d argue there are very clear precedents, what’s happening in public health. There is very clear guidance from the CDC on what we should do.

00:58:31.800 –> 00:58:43.620
Danessa Knaupp: And as leaders, now is the time to take and hold your position on that and it may be different than your personal privilege and honor right

00:58:43.890 –> 00:58:49.650
Danessa Knaupp: So you make personally think a social listening isn’t something I need to do. I’m comfortable being in a place where

00:58:50.070 –> 00:59:00.480
Danessa Knaupp: I can you know kind of create with 10 or fewer people but i’m not saying in my house all the time. That’s your personal decision that isn’t aligned with current guidance.

00:59:01.410 –> 00:59:10.470
Danessa Knaupp: And so you want to think about as leader your responsibility to keep people safe. And I would argue that that at least aligns with public health guidance.

00:59:10.770 –> 00:59:22.620
Danessa Knaupp: If not, what we’re seeing from scientists or the World Health Organization on what containment really looks like. So I had a really clear conversation with many of my clients in the last

00:59:23.580 –> 00:59:45.300
Danessa Knaupp: 10 days where I stepped out of my coaching role and said, if you’re not a critical service. We need to be working from home. How do we think about that, and that was something I felt was my responsibility for overall public health we have platforms as leaders and using those is important.

00:59:46.800 –> 00:59:47.520
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Absolutely.

00:59:48.690 –> 01:00:00.780
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: All right, thank you so much. And so we are coming up on our time here to Nessa I’ll ask for just any kind of final thoughts or tips and then we’ll kick over to Jonathan, just to thank everyone for coming.

01:00:01.200 –> 01:00:01.770

01:00:02.880 –> 01:00:14.220
Danessa Knaupp: So I would say just be kind and compassionate to yourself. Notice what you’re feeling and notice how that shows up in your interactions with others, it will inform

01:00:14.670 –> 01:00:20.820
Danessa Knaupp: How you handle this. It will make you closer to your people to understand how you’re handling it yourself and

01:00:21.510 –> 01:00:31.950
Danessa Knaupp: We have lots of time to figure out how to do this at an eight plus way we’re taking this class pass fail rate so you can get through where everybody is passing

01:00:32.520 –> 01:00:45.660
Danessa Knaupp: That’s a good day. We’re beginners, that’s, that’s what I would leave you with. And I’m happy to help anyone that team and errors. Fantastic. This is really an opportunity for us to support you in any way we can. And we’re happy to do that.

01:00:47.100 –> 01:00:55.110
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Fantastic. Yes. And we’ll kick over to Jonathan in just a second. Many of you have asked about sharing the resources that were mentioned in this call.

01:00:55.470 –> 01:01:04.050
Robyn Garrett, AIIR Cosulting Host: Will definitely do that via email. A little bit later today. And then we’ll also be able to send out the recording in a couple of days. So Jonathan

01:01:04.530 –> 01:01:05.520
Danessa Knaupp: Thanks very much, everyone.

01:01:06.540 –> 01:01:16.260
Jonathan Kirschner: Nessa Robin. Thank you so much. This was both inspiring and also both concrete and actionable. At the same time, which is so appreciated.

01:01:17.400 –> 01:01:23.940
Jonathan Kirschner: And interestingly, like this idea actually evolved last week out of our from our global

01:01:24.870 –> 01:01:30.660
Jonathan Kirschner: Peer supervision that we call discovery at air consulting and we were talking about their coronavirus and

01:01:31.440 –> 01:01:37.500
Jonathan Kirschner: Just trying to make meaning of it. And somebody said, You know what, this is the time for generosity and

01:01:37.890 –> 01:01:50.880
Jonathan Kirschner: About a minute or two later, Vanessa raised her hand and said, I got an idea. And, and so I want to thank you Vanessa, of course, for your courage, but also the broader team at air and all of our amazing coaches who

01:01:51.540 –> 01:02:01.890
Jonathan Kirschner: foster this idea and many more. I believe that are coming from this. I think this this notion of courage and the innovation implications.

01:02:02.670 –> 01:02:09.810
Jonathan Kirschner: are totally right. You know, just streaming from us. And one of the things that we are offering is a daily

01:02:10.380 –> 01:02:25.800
Jonathan Kirschner: Mindfulness and wellness series at 12 o’clock, between now and April 3 we’ll see if we need to extend that. But you can come into a zoom call with one of our mindfulness experts. They gloss and and really get grounded.

01:02:27.060 –> 01:02:43.170
Jonathan Kirschner: At around 12 o’clock eastern time every day between now and April 3 so did. So thank you again. And so wonderful to be again with everybody on this global call and stay well everyone

01:02:44.310 –> 01:02:44.880
Jonathan Kirschner: Bye for now.

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