[On Demand Webinar] Making Strategic Decisions in Times of Crisis

[On Demand Webinar] Making Strategic Decisions in Times of Crisis

By | April 21, 2020

How to stop reacting and start adapting to the changes that will shape your organization over the next five years.

We are living in unprecedented times. As the world struggles with the gravity of the present moment, business leaders are looking ahead and struggling to understand how the present moment will shape business in the years to come.

Since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, members of the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance have spent hundreds of hours helping leaders anticipate and adapt to both the current crisis and how it will affect the future. In this webinar, a panel of elite executive coaches will share what leaders have been struggling with the most, and how they have helped them make strategic decisions in a time of crisis.

  • How to know if you’re in reaction mode
  • How to adopt a strategic mindset
  • How to achieve an effective balance of planning and action
  • How to inspire others to think and act strategically

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About the Speakers

Deanna Siegel Senior | Executive Transition and Authentic Leadership

Dr. Deanna Siegel Senior is a certified executive coach who specializes in executive transitions and helping leaders inspire their teams through authentic leadership and radical candor. Drawing upon twenty years of business experience, Deanna has built a reputation as a pragmatist; zeroing in on the leadership actions that will  yield the greatest individual, team, and organizational impact.

Iris Nafshi | Leadership and Executive Development

Iris Nafshi has extensive experience in leadership and executive development spanning the bio-pharma, technology, and packaged food industries. As an executive coach, Iris brings this experience to bear helping leaders unlock their potential by addressing their development opportunities within the context of the organization’s strategy and business environment.

Jamie Ramsden | C-Suite Advisory and Strategic Thinking

Jamie Ramsden brings 20 years of international business experience to AIIR, including five years as a Chief Executive, where he created significant and sustained business results through intense customer focus, disciplined processes, and highly-engaged teams. He has been an executive coach for ten years, with clients in the UK, Europe, Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Tonushree Mondal | Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness

Tonushree Mondal brings to AIIR over two decades of global experience working with senior leadership teams to improve organizational effectiveness. She is a recognized strategic partner providing practical, business-relevant HR solutions across industry segments and geographies. Prior to her career as an executive coach, Tonushree was the SVP/ Head of Talent at the Hudson’s Bay Company.

About the Moderator

Jonathan Kirschner | Founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting

Dr. Jonathan Kirschner is the Founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting. He is also an experienced executive coach. As an executive coach and business psychologist, Jonathan’s areas of expertise are in strategic thinking, bolstering team leadership skills, cultivating emotional intelligence, managing stress, and increasing influence. He coaches senior leaders across a tremendous range of sectors.

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