Mitchell Kirschner serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MIK Development LLC, a development and licensing company. He has also served as Corporate Vice President of KV Pharmaceutical Corporation, a publicly held NYSE corporation, and as the Vice President of Particle Dynamics, a specialty ingredient fine chemical company. Over his career, Mitch has developed over 30 pharmaceutical and nutritional products, holds over 50 global patents, both in the Pharmaceutical, Eyeglass, Toy, and the Flat Screen Display industries. Mitch has executed over 100 global licensing and strategic alliance agreements in North and South America, Eastern and Central Europe, and in all major countries in Asia.

Mitch is the Chairman of the AIIR Consulting Advisory Board, lending his extensive expertise in corporate affairs, intellectual property, strategy, and global business development. He is also the proud father of AIIR’s CEO, Jonathan Kirschner.

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