Scott is an expert go-to-market leader and executive trainer in the technology field and advisor/consultant for private equity firms specializing in product, marketing, and sales strategies. Scott leverages experiential therapy “here & now” as a core practice that helps to reduce denial/resistances with the ultimate goal of teaching individuals how to practice their new innate ability to make emotional contact with self and others. Scott uses a holistic approach, assertively working through “faulty beliefs” that prevent individuals from reaching their ultimate goals and higher purpose to achieve a more enriched life.

The first decade of his career was spent working as the Director of Adolescent Services at Maryhaven serving dual-diagnosed youth as well as serving as the Director of the Buckeye Ranch, both located in Columbus, Ohio. Scott says that his favorite job was when he had the privilege of conducting mental-health assessments for the homeless in Columbus, Ohio.

Scott spent 30 years working as a Global Sales Executive for disruptive technology companies such as AT&T, IBM, ServiceNow, Twilio & most recently served as the Chief Revenue Officer in Columbus at Aware. Scott successfully led a preemptive series-C investment of $60m received from Goldman Sachs while growing revenues above 180% YoY. Scott also served as an executive advisor where his charisma and expertise are put to good use during co-facilitating Giombetti Associates Leadership Training Programs for executive across the world. Scott also enjoys working with individual clients.


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