Increase Engagement, Productivity, and Team Performance — and Experience Incredible ROI

The AIIR® Team Effectiveness Survey will give your team incredible insights into where they are now, and how to get where they want to go. We want to help you extend the value of those insights.

Last year, we worked with high-stakes teams at various levels of a global professional services firm. We were able to help them increase engagement and effectiveness across 75% of its teams, with an average measurable financial return of $630,000 per team.

High-Impact Workshops Designed for In-Person, Remote, and Hybrid Teams

Now through the end of 2022, we’re offering a series of low-cost, high-impact services that will help you turn the insights of the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey into the kind of impact and ROI that reverberates across your entire organization. These half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops will help you and your teams unlock engagement and unleash your performance.

Team Assessment + Leader Debrief RECOMMENDEDTeam Assessment + Team Debrief Perspectives (Team Building) Perspectives (Strategic Alignment)
Gain real-time insights on a team’s health + consult on how to lead them in 2023 Bring a team together for a focused discussion its strengths and blind spots heading into 2023 Fun and focused experience to build connection and trust heading into uncertain 2023 Establish a shared Team Purpose, Business Priorities and Operating Principles to navigate headwinds in 2023
$1,850 $4,500 $16,375 $21,125
AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey 1 1 2 2
1-Hour Team Leader Consult with a Master Team Coach 1 1 2 2
Facilitated Team Session X 90 minutes 4 hours 8 hours
12-Month Action Plan X X Yes Yes
Team Vision & Charter X X X Yes

"AIIR Team Effectiveness is the simplest and most robust team solution I have ever worked with."

Give Your Teams What They Need to Succeed in Uncertainty

  • Shared purpose and priorities
  • Efficient execution
  • Greater inclusivity and belonging
  • Unmatched insights
  • Enhanced culture and communication
  • Healthy debate and productive conflict
  • An environment of trust and safety

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