Set Your Team Up for Success

Teams face tremendous uncertainty in the year ahead. Without a clear understanding of their collective strengths, weaknesses, and the dynamics that drive the way they work together, teams will struggle to perform. Set teams up to succeed with an assessment and development experience that can help teams understand where they are and help them get where they need to go. Ready to increase team performance?

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Powered by a Groundbreaking Team Assessment

The AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey™ measures specific strengths and weaknesses around characteristics that all high-performing teams have in common. An actionable, easy-to-understand report empowers your teams with concrete information about where they’re strong, where they are not, and where they need to improve in order to succeed. And, it starts at just $400 per team. Ready to set your team up for success?

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Flexible Workshop Options Meet Teams Where They Are — And Get Them Where They Want to Go

Team Assessment + Leader Debrief RECOMMENDEDTeam Assessment + Team Debrief Perspectives
(Team Building)
(Strategic Alignment)
Gain real-time insights on a team’s health + consult on how to lead them Bring a team together for a focused discussion its strengths and blind spots Fun and focused experience to build connection and trust Establish a shared Team Purpose, Business Priorities and Operating Principles
$1,850 $4,500 $16,375 $21,125
AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey 1 1 2 2
1-Hour Team Leader Consult with a Master Team Coach 1 1 2 2
Facilitated Team Session X 90 minutes 4 hours 8 hours
12-Month Action Plan X X Yes Yes
Team Vision & Charter X X X Yes

Know What Type of Team You’re On

Teams need two things to perform: culture and productivity. Our powerful, 36-item assessment measures culture and productivity along six dimensions, then shows each members’ anonymous results in a visual, easy to understand format that empowers them to increase team performance by seeing if their teams are frozen, comfortable, driven, or high-performing.

Proven to Increase Team Performance by 40%

High-performing teams produce incredible outcomes. Yet, most teams — even those composed of exceptionally talented individuals — never reach this level of performance. Companies from Netflix to U.S. Engineering have used our team effectiveness solutions to increase the performance of teams across their organizations by 40% in as little as three months. Learn how to set your team up for success.

"AIIR® Team Effectiveness is the simplest and most robust team solution I have ever worked with."

Give Your Teams What They Need to Succeed in Uncertainty

  • Shared purpose and priorities
  • Efficient execution
  • Greater inclusivity and belonging
  • Unmatched insights
  • Enhanced culture and communication
  • Healthy debate and productive conflict
  • An environment of trust and safety

Trusted by World-Class Organizations

When you work with AIIR, you become part of a powerful partnership to build leaders, teams, and organizations that are more innovative, more engaged, and more empowered in the face of an economic downturn. We have produced meaningful, measurable results for hundreds of clients. Are you ready to experience them at your organization?

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Want to Learn More?

If you’re not sure if our team tune-up services are right for you, or if you’re ready to increase team performance by deploying team tune-up engagements across multiple teams or your entire organization, have one of our team effectiveness experts get in touch to set your team up for success!

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