Unlock Potential and Unleash Performance on Your Teams

“When you have a team, the possibility exists that it will generate magic, producing something extraordinary. But don’t count on it.”

At their best, teams can achieve outcomes that far exceed the sum of their parts. But, most teams don’t reach that level of performance. Why? Because most team effectiveness solutions aren’t made for the way teams work today.

75 %
of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional

Built on the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey®

The AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey® is a proprietary assessment that measures the essential elements of team effectiveness and provides powerful information in an easy-to-understand report that teams can use to increase their performance.

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Tailored to Your Specific Challenges

While many of our clients face the same challenges, no two are the same. So whether you need to develop a single leader or increase performance across the entire organization, our solutions can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Designed for Maximum Impact


AIIR® Team Leader Coaching

Give team leaders the skills, support, and understanding of complicated team dynamics necessary to drive team performance.


Facilitated Team Journeys

Our network of expert team coaches leverage insights and experience to help your teams overcome their challenges and achieve high performance.


AIIR Enterprise Team Effectiveness™

A complete toolkit that empowers HR and Talent Professionals to scale team performance throughout their organizations.

"The Enterprise Team Effectiveness model is the simplest and most robust team solution I have ever worked with."

Make a Mark on Your Organization, and the Community

We believe that purpose-driven organizations should have access to the same elite coaching services as the Fortune 500. We provide it through our pro-bono arm, the Elevate Project. By elevating those who uplift others, we help to catalyze the impact of those leaving a positive mark on the world.

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Empower your organization with a solution that leverages data-driven insights, business psychology, and technology to help them navigate the challenges they face today, and those they face tomorrow.

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