Get Your Team Ready To Conquer 2020

Unleash Your Team’s Potential With An AIIR Team Effectiveness Workshop

2019 was unpredictable, and 2020 is shaping up to be more of the same. Is your team ready for the challenges they will face in the new year?

The AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey™ is a simple, beautiful tool designed to supercharge your team’s performance. Lead by our world-class coaches, our team effectiveness workshops and debriefs help your team understand its strengths, uncover opportunities and build momentum heading into the new year.

  • Our assessment is the only one that measures productivity and culture
  • Unmatched insight into strengths and opportunities
  • Practical, actionable feedback to take your team to the next level
  • Facilitated by world-class executive coaches

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Workshop Options to Fit Your Schedule

Team Leader Debrief


Includes AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey ($375 value), full report, and a 90-minute debrief with a world-class team coach. The perfect way to help team leaders prepare their teams for 2020.

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Half Day Workshop


Get your team together for a live session to dive into their strengths and weaknesses. An AIIR Team Effectiveness coach will lead the group through activities designed to give them a jump start.

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Full Day Workshop


Looking for something a bit more intensive? Dedicate a full day and your team will be in its best shape for 2020. A deeper dive into the report will reveal clear opportunities to align and supercharge.

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What if all your teams were high performing?

AIIR has worked with thousands of leaders across the globe. Our research shows that successful teams exhibit a unique combination of strong Team Culture and High Productivity. Knowing this, we have discovered that there are four types of teams:

  • Frozen Team: Weak Team Culture and Low Productivity
  • Comfortable Team: Strong Team Culture but Low Productivity
  • Driven Team: Weak Team Culture but High Productivity
  • High Performing Team: Strong Team Culture and High Productivity

We know that ALL teams have room for improvement and that the BEST teams actively invest in their development.

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Not Just Another Personality Test

The AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey is the only instrument that measures Team Culture and Team Productivity, giving your teams clear, actionable insights.

Our 36-item assessment measures specific strengths and weaknesses so that your teams clearly understand where they’re strong and what they need to work on.

Rooted in Neuroscience

We partner with the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative to lead the next generation of research that continues to advance team performance and unlock human potential.

Give Your Team The Tools They Need To Conquer The New Year

Contact us to purchase a team leader debrief, half day workshop, or full day workshop at these special, limited-time prices!

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This is a limited-time offer available for purchase until December 31, 2019. Workshops must be conducted by April 1, 2020.