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AIIRWaves Episode 3: How Leaders Can Enhance Employee Engagement with Derek Lusk, Ph.D.

In this episode, Thom Fox is joined by Derek Lusk, Ph. D, Head of Executive Assessment at AIIR. In his role, Derek leverages his background in psychology and statistics to forecast success in top leadership roles. ... Read More >

The Power of Bringing Teams Together with Carole Streicher

AIIRWaves Episode 2: The Power of Bringing Teams Together with Carole Streicher

In this episode of AIIRWaves, we bring you an insightful conversation about why bringing teams together is the key to equipping them to succeed in an environment of constant change. ... Read More >

AIIRWaves Episode 1: The Importance of Inclusive Leadership with Gigi Gilliard

In our inaugural episode, AIIR’s Thom Fox and Stephanie Thomas welcome Gigi Gilliard for an insightful conversation about inclusive leadership, and how to get it right. ... Read More >

The Neuroscience of Leadership

Neurobiz Podcast

Listen to a fascinating panel discussion featuring AIIR CEO Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, renowned neuroscientists Drs. Michael Platt and Zab Johnson, and a panel of experts from around the globe, about what new discoveries in neuroscience can reveal about how pressure changes how we lead. ... Read More >