Dr. Jordan Will Bring Her Experience, Expertise, and Vision to the Elevate Project at a Critical Moment for Purpose-Driven Organizations

AIIR Consulting is excited to welcome Dr. Natasha Jordan as the new Director of the Elevate Project.

Launched in 2019, The Elevate Project is a pro-bono initiative that helps purpose-driven organizations access elite coaching services. Last year, the Elevate Project donated more than $250,000 dollars in pro-bono coaching for executives and leadership teams at purpose-driven organizations, conducting more than 250 hours of coaching at 15 partner organizations with more than 400 employees who provide services and support to 600,000 veterans, women, families, and youth. Read the full impact report at aiirconsulting.com/elevate-2020.

Dr. Jordan is an industrial-organizational psychologist, business consultant, and executive coach. As a coach and consultant, she takes an evidence-based and research-backed approach to developing individuals, teams, and organizations, developing training and development programs, and improving employee wellbeing.

As Director of the Elevate Project, Dr. Jordan will leverage her insight and innovative approach to build strategic partnerships with purpose-driven organizations that empower their leaders, engage and energize their employees and volunteers, elevate their organizations, and increase their impact.

The Elevate Project has been an exceptional partner for Hopeworks. Their executive coaching has helped our Executive Director expand into a higher level role, which is having an enormous impact on our organization and will allow us to serve so many more young people.

A Critical Moment for Purpose-Driven Organizations

Dr. Jordan joins the Elevate Project at a critical moment for purpose-driven organizations. While the nonprofit sector is notoriously hard on its leaders and employees, the coronavirus crisis has been particularly taxing. At the same time that demand for their services is at an all-time high, 75% of purpose-driven organizations face reduced funding. On a personal level, these organizations’ leaders and employees are dealing with stress, uncertainty, and exhaustion — decreasing their effectiveness and driving voluntary turnover as high as 20-40% annually.

As we exit the pandemic and begin the complex and challenging work of healing our communities and building a better future, purpose-driven organizations are in desperate need of renewal.

“I have been involved with purpose-driven organizations for most of my life — I received their services as a child and have been a lifelong volunteer — so I understand the challenges they face,” says Jordan. “They have the passion, but they need support to turn that passion into sustained performance. Our job as coaches is to help these organizations and their leaders communicate their passion and purpose, their mission and vision, in a way that engages and energizes their employees, their volunteers, and their communities. In doing so, we increase these organizations’ effectiveness, increase their impact, and increase their ability to build a better future.”