Executive Coaching


AIIR Executive Coaching draws from a scientific-based approach to achieving sustained behavioral change, and then translates that knowledge into a structured, business-focused process. This is a four-phased process called the AIIR® method: Assessment - Insight - Implementation - Reinforcement. 

Who Are AIIR Coaches?

AIIR coaches are seasoned practitioners with expertise and direct experience in business and psychology. Many of AIIR’s coaches were former executives themselves. All of AIIR’s coaches have undergone rigorous coach training and are seasoned experts in the art and science of human learning and development. The average senior level AIIR coach has been delivering results for 16 years with over 10,000 hours of direct coaching experience. 

So What’s The Value?

Leaders who have gone through an AIIR executive coaching experience have described the following benefits: 

  • Stronger ability to lead others and gain influence

  • Executive presence

  • Increased capacity to think critically and strategically

  • Enhanced productivity and engagement 

  • Ability to manage competing priorities more effectively

  • Better stress management 

  • Stronger top and bottom line results

In a world where anyone can become a coach, Why Choose an AIIR coach?

By choosing AIIR, you are signing up for an intense, high-impact, value unlocking, science-based, change experience. Our mission is to enable behavioral change that maximizes personal and professional success, business value, and organizational effectiveness.

How does AIIR’s Coaching Technology Fit in?

AIIR Consulting developed cutting edge technology to optimize the coaching experience of busy, global leaders who simply have no time. AIIR’s Coaching Zone™ technology supercharges a coaching engagement by providing HD telepresence for immediate, face to face coaching sessions anytime and anywhere. In addition, Coaching Zone™ tools ensure clients have access to all the critical information that emerges over the course of an engagement at the click of a button.


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