Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is the development of an organizational leader. At AIIR, we leverage a systematic and rigorous four-stage process for achieving sustained behavioral change. We call this the AIIR® method: Assessment - Insight - Implementation - Reinforcement. AIIR Executive Coaching integrates the timeless principles of behavioral science with deep business experience to drive performance and sustained behavioral change.  

The AIIR coaching process begins with a thorough assessment of a client’s strengths, weaknesses, and any problem areas that interfere with his or her work. Once these areas are identified, a personalized action plan is constructed with focused objectives and strategies. These strategies are then implemented through coaching sessions to achieve the client’s objectives. As the client progresses towards their goals, coaching sessions shift their focus toward maintaining the client’s gains. Through the strategic integration of coaching, technology, and methodology, AIIR Consulting's experts bring agile leadership development to today’s connected leader.

WHAT AIIR COACHING Provides                                        The BENEFITS OF AIIR COACHING