Leadership Development

Translate vision into success through people

We believe that leadership is not an innate, genetic gift, but rather a collection of learned behaviors that can be continuously developed and improved over time. AIIR Leadership Development Experiences focus on cultivating these skills and aligning an organization's leadership with their strategic vision and business plan.

What kind of Leadership Development are we talking about?

AIIR Leadership Experiences are customized to meet the specific needs of the business. Our solutions include:

  • High Potential Program Design & Delivery
  • Executive Assessment & Feedback for Development 
  • Emotional Intelligence for Business Results
  • Team Leadership For Peak Performance
  • Upskilling for Managerial Effectiveness
  • Leader as Coach Training
  • Change Management
  • Globalization and Cross-Cultural Proficiency

How does AIIR Leverage Technology to Bolster Leadership Development?

AIIR leadership solutions are delivered through AIIR’s virtual, proprietary coaching technology, as well as through a hybrid design that mixes face-to-face with virtual. All high-potential programs receive complimentary access to AIIR Consulting’s Enterprise Coaching Manager technology to manage the program, engage participants, and measure program effectiveness.

What Makes an AIIR Leadership Development Experience Amazing?

There are 5 key success factors for an AIIR Leadership Development Experiences:

  1. Program design is aligned to the business strategy
  2. There is executive sponsorship
  3. The solution is customized and not “one-size-fits-all”
  4. Technology is leveraged to create efficiencies
  5. Success Metrics are established at the outset