Webinar: The Leadership Revolution

The Leadership Revolution: How to Reimagine Succession Planning in 2023 and Beyond

Today, leaders and their organizations face challenges that are greater and more complex than ever before. To win in this challenging context, businesses need a new leadership blueprint that transforms their organizations and empowers them to survive and to thrive in complexity.

In this webinar, Dr. Derek Lusk, President of AIIR Analytics, will explore how outdated ideas about leadership prevent organizations from developing leaders that can lead through chaotic change. And, from creating success profiles to leadership assessment, talent review meetings and succession planning, Derek will explain how AIIR is radically rethinking identifying and developing leaders for the future.

Participants will leave with a practical understanding of how they can:

  • Build the right beliefs around talent
  • Create success profiles
  • Use cutting-edge leadership assessments
  • Improve performance management
  • Use data in talent review meetings
  • Follow-through on developing successors and high-potentials

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About the Speaker

Dr. Derek Lusk is President of AIIR Analytics, Head of Executive Assessment at AIIR Consulting, and a prominent thought leader in the leadership space. He is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today, and he recently published a book, Overcoming Bad Leadership in Organizations, that helps leaders, talent management professionals, and psychologists improve toxic and ineffective leadership in organizations.

As President of AIIR Analytics and Head of Executive Assessment at AIIR Consulting, Derek helps Fortune 500 organizations with executive-level succession planning. He is a trusted advisor to organizations in several industries, including real estate, luxury retail, insurance, financial services, beverages, chemicals, and biotech.

About AIIR Analytics

AIIR Analytics helps organizations identify and develop leaders for the future. After years of assessing and developing leaders, we know leadership assessment and development starts with three questions:

  1. What type of leaders do we need?
  2. Who is the best fit to lead our organization into the future?
  3. How do we create a robust leadership pipeline?

AIIR Analytics leverages a next-generation assessment and succession planning platform to help businesses understand what leaders need to succeed at their organization, evaluate leaders’ capabilities, organize succession plans and, in partnership with AIIR Consulting, use data-driven insights to get leaders from where they are now to where the organization needs them to be.

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