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Human Resource Executive: Conflict Debt What it is and Why it's Crushing Teamwork Today

HR Executive: Why Conflict Debt is Crushing Teams

In his latest contribution to HR Executive, Jonathan Kirschner explains why teams are accumulating conflict debt, and what leaders can do about it. ... Read More >

A checklist for planning a team offsite

How To Plan a Team Offsite

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to help you create a seamless and productive team offsite that will energize your team and drive them towards greater achievements. ... Read More >

The Biggest Threat to Your Company’s Future Is Already in the Building

In the throes of rapid change and economic uncertainty, it's easy to focus on external threats. But the real threat may already be infiltrating your team. ... Read More >

Hybrid team culture and team building webinar

Webinar: The Biggest Reason Hybrid Teams Fail and How to Avoid It

In this powerful webinar, AIIR Head of Team Effectiveness Dave Gloss explains why so many hybrid teams struggle to build team culture, adapt new ways of working, and achieve a level of performance that matches their potential. ... Read More >

Talent Quarterly: Welcome to the Hybrid Workplace. Now Adapt.

In a post-pandemic working world, your company’s culture will be the first thing to crumble. Saving it starts with rethinking your role as a leader. ... Read More >


Combating the “Great Disconnection” in the Hybrid Workplace

To succeed, organizations must find ways to strengthen employee connections and build stronger communities in the workplace. ... Read More >

On-Demand Webinar: Building Connections with the Social Brain featuring the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative and AIIR Consulting

On-Demand: Building Connections with the Social Brain

"Human beings are fundamentally social – more than any other animal species on the planet, our own destinies are linked to each other," says Dr. Michael Platt, a renowned neuroscientist and co-founder of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative. ... Read More >

What Do Dysfunctional Teams Look Like Right Now?

How the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey Can Help Leaders Spot and Solve the Three Most Common Problems with Remote or Hybrid Teams ... Read More >

Read more about declining team culture

What’s Left After the Culture Crash?

Driving performance in a hybrid workplace is easy. Building the culture necessary to sustain high performance is not. ... Read More >

5 Steps to Harness the Collective Power of Your Team

5 Steps to Harness the Collective Power of Your Team

As a team leader, shifting your role to a facilitator-leader allows you to add value by doing less problem-solving. What role will you take at your next team meeting? ... Read More >