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AIIR Makes Inc 5000 Five Years in a Row!

As other executive coaching and leadership development companies announce layoffs, AIIR Consulting made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for the fifth year in a row. ... Read More >

AIIR Consulting Awarded Spot On Analytics 50 for Powerful HR Analytics Tools

AIIR Consulting has been awarded a coveted place on the 2023 Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 — a list of businesses using analytics to solve business challenges — for a suite of powerful new analytics and reporting tools in Coaching Zone®. ... Read More >

Introducing AIIR Analytics

AIIR marks a new era of talent management with the launch of sister company AIIR Analytics, as well as an innovative leadership skills assessment and a succession planning software. ... Read More >

The Biggest Threat to Your Company’s Future Is Already in the Building

In the throes of rapid change and economic uncertainty, it's easy to focus on external threats. But the real threat may already be infiltrating your team. ... Read More >

Helping Leaders Build Sustainable Resilience

The year has already handed leaders a lot of lemons. How can you help them build the capacity to keep making lemonade? Here's how to help leaders at your organization build sustainable resilience. ... Read More >

Low Engagement is a Leadership Problem

Low Engagement is a Leadership Problem

Companies are dealing with low employee engagement. Here's why it might be a leadership problem, and what you can do about it. ... Read More >

Psychology Today: 3 Tips for Breaking Bias in Succession Planning

Psychology Today: 3 Tips for Breaking Bias in Succession Planning

Why are humans – including people in organizations – unable to spot good leadership? And, what can talent professionals do to overcome our biases and choose the right leaders for their organizations? ... Read More >

Meet Aiiron, Your New AI Coaching Assistant!

We're pushing the industry forward again with the launch of Aiiron, the latest addition to a coaching technology stack that delivers an enhanced coaching experience and increases results. ... Read More >

Entrepreneur: How to Get Comfortable With Change and Build It Into the Foundation of Your Business

Change is a constant, not a single passing event. Great change leaders know how to live in the present and the future, they know when it is and isn't appropriate to implement change, and they know how to embed change resilience into their organizations. ... Read More >

5 Ways to Stay Engaged and Effective Through Change

Feeling the Burn(out)?

When we asked 55 of the world’s top executive coaches about the biggest challenges their clients would face in 2019, they answered resoundingly that leaders would struggle to cope with the speed of change and the constant chaos it causes.  ... Read More >