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Preparing Leaders for the Age of AI

What can HR and Talent Leaders do now to prepare their leaders and organizations to thrive in a future where they work alongside AI? 5 key takeaways from our webinar with Microsoft and the Wharton Neuroscience Institute. ... Read More >

Why AIIR Consulting Outperforms “Coaching for All” Providers

"Coaching for All" companies promise to extend the benefits of coaching to every single employee in the organization. But when you put these services side-by-side with our best-in-class executive coaching services, it’s clear why most fail to deliver. ... Read More >

Why unlimited coaching produces limited results

Why Unlimited Coaching Produces Limited Results

Why unlimited coaching, which promises unlimited development and support, is actually less effective than more structured approaches. ... Read More >

Brain-Friendly Change Management

Brain-Friendly Change Management

Our brains are hardwired to resist change. Here's how you can use neuroscience to build an organization that embraces change, overcomes resistance, and achieves outperformance. ... Read More >

AIIR Vista is a Trusted Leadership Advisory service for executive c-suite leaders.

Introducing AIIR Vista

No matter what they encountered on their journey to the C-Suite, the challenges leaders face at the top are unlike anything they faced before. AIIR Consulting is excited to announce the launch of AIIR Vista, a Trusted Leadership Advisory offering for C-Suite leaders. ... Read More >

Leaders are the Cause of — and Solution to — Burnout

Companies spent $61 billion on wellness programs last year. So why are they still struggling with burnout? Because while wellness programs treat the symptoms of burnout, they don't treat the underlying cause. ... Read More >

Human Resource Executive: Conflict Debt What it is and Why it's Crushing Teamwork Today

HR Executive: Why Conflict Debt is Crushing Teams

In his latest contribution to HR Executive, Jonathan Kirschner explains why teams are accumulating conflict debt, and what leaders can do about it. ... Read More >

AIIR Recognizes Makeda Brown With Coaching Leadership Award

AIIR Consulting is proud to announce that Makeda Brown has been awarded the prestigious Coaching Leadership Award for her exceptional impact on our clients, our organization, and on the coaching industry. ... Read More >

AIIR Analytics Wins Silver in Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Awards

AIIR Consulting sister company AIIR Analytics, a leader in assessment and succession planning, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Silver Award for its Leadership Planning Software (LPS). ... Read More >

AI Coaching Aiiron

Introducing the New Aiiron, Powered by Generative AI

We're pushing the industry forward again with the relaunch of Aiiron, the latest addition to a coaching technology stack that delivers an enhanced coaching experience and increases results. ... Read More >