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Entrepreneur: How to Get Comfortable With Change and Build It Into the Foundation of Your Business

Change is a constant, not a single passing event. Great change leaders know how to live in the present and the future, they know when it is and isn't appropriate to implement change, and they know how to embed change resilience into their organizations. ... Read More >

Entrepreneur: Creating a Vibrant Office Community in Our New Working World

Hybrid work may be the best of both worlds, but how do you create a vibrant office community for everyone? ... Read More >

IBD: Stop the Backslide When You’re Setting a Goal

Pursuing a goal shouldn't be smooth sailing every step of the way, but what's the best way to respond to setbacks? ... Read More >

Talent Quarterly: Welcome to the Hybrid Workplace. Now Adapt.

In a post-pandemic working world, your company’s culture will be the first thing to crumble. Saving it starts with rethinking your role as a leader. ... Read More >

The Worst Ways to Choose a Leader

Why are so many organizations so bad at choosing good leaders? Because most go about it in the wrong way. Here are the three worst ways organizations choose leaders. ... Read More >

Entrepreneur: 6 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned From Playing Hockey

Hockey requires practice, resilience and passion - and so does great leadership. Here are six lessons I've learned from the sport that push me to be a better leader. ... Read More >

Psychology Today: The Psychology of Complexity

Organizations should use scientific and proven assessments to develop effective leaders that can navigate change and shape a better future. ... Read More >

Stop using work experience for executive selection

Psychology Today: Stop Using Work Experience to Hire Executive Leaders

This post addresses one of the most consequential myths today: that a person’s work experience impacts their ability to lead more than anything else. ... Read More >

Entrepreneur: This Is What Courageous Leadership Looks Like

A dynamic combination of humility, accessibility, steadfastness and risk-readiness, leaders who truly inspire share the goal of wanting to make a better world. ... Read More >

Entrepreneur: 3 Keys to Building Resilience as a Leader

Those who are able to inspire and produce change need unique skills, and one of the most easily overlooked is the ability to keep their own psychological tanks full. ... Read More >