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[On-Demand] The Evolving Role of the HRBP

Naphtali Bryant, Director, HRBP at Netflix, discusses how the role of HRBP has evolved, and how it must continue to evolve to support teams amid continual change ... Read More >

Change Management and Your Brain

[Video] Change Management and Your Brain

Hours before it made landfall in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria devastated Cayo Santiago, a tiny island where the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative team had spent years studying a population of rhesus macaque monkeys. What can this teach us about how to adapt to extreme stress and change? ... Read More >

Leading in the Next Decade

[Video] Leading in the Next Decade – Wharton Neuroscience Initiative Panel Discussion

Our understanding of the human brain is advancing every day. In this video, taken at AIIR Summit 2020, a panel of experts from the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative discuss their research and its implications for the future of executive coaching and leadership development. ... Read More >

Video - Executive Coaching at AIIR

[VIDEO] Executive Coaching with AIIR

AIIR’s executive coaching practices are unparalleled in the industry. What sets us apart? Senior executive coaches from the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance discuss why coaching at AIIR is different. ... Read More >

The Neuroscience of Effective Teams

8 Lessons Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Teams

Great Teams Start with a Balanced Breakfast (and other neurohacks) ... Read More >

[Video] Liz Keever on an Artful Approach to Coaching

How to inject art into coaching engagements to help leaders achieve clarity and vision. ... Read More >

Coaching Video - To Stress or Not to Stress

[VIDEO] To Stress, or Not to Stress?

In her TED-style AIIR Summit Talk, AIIR senior coach Natalie Schürmann, MSc. (AIIR | Brussels) examines the effects of stress on our health and productivity, and shares strategies to rewire the way that we experience stress. ... Read More >

[Video] Coaching Black Americans: When Do Differences Make a Difference?

In this video from the 2018 AIIR Coaching Summit, Dr. Greg Pennington discusses those challenges, how coaches can empower black Americans in the executive suite, and how similar approaches can apply to other dimensions of differences. ... Read More >

Webinar: How Coaching Accelerates Leader Transitions

Half of new leaders fail within 18 months of a promotion. Even among those who succeed, 46% of leaders underperform during their transition. ... Read More >