[On Demand Webinar] Bolstering Teams in Times of Trauma and Disruption – Complete Recording

[On Demand Webinar] Bolstering Teams in Times of Trauma and Disruption - Complete Recording

By | May 22, 2020

Three Serious Warning Signs and What to Do About Them

Teams look drastically different than they did a year ago. As we continue to combat the coronavirus, uncertainty has become the only certainty. Team leaders and members alike are dealing with massive upheaval in their lives, and experiencing the mental and physical toll of the pandemic. For many teams, this turmoil is manifesting as lower levels of trust among team members, poor cohesion, and poor performance.

In this live webinar, our panel of experienced team coaches will discuss the warning signs that indicate cracks in your team, and how team leaders can help their teams overcome the trauma and disruption of the pandemic to:

  • Build trust and psychological safety
  • Learn and adapt to the challenges they face
  • Create cohesion and a sense of belonging, even from a distance

Help your team overcome the challenges at hand, and the challenges ahead.

About the Speakers

Robin Schletter, MA | Team Effectiveness and C-Suite Advisory

As a coach, Robin Schletter leverages open and honest dialogue to develop a partnership with her clients and drive results. Robin has coached executives across sectors on goals related to leadership style, self-awareness, self-management, confidence, executive presence, conflict resolution, and developing high-performing teams.

Bernadette Cabrera, MBA | Strategic Thinking and Change Management

Bernadette Cabrera leverages her extensive business experience to inform her coaching work. With experience spanning industries and geographies, Bernadette has helped global organizations through change management, leadership alignment, organizational design, culture alignment, strategic communications, and development programs.

Dr. David Yudis | C-Suite Advisory and Executive Presence in the C-Suite

Dr. David Yudis has more than 16 years of experience working with leaders to enhance their ability to lead through challenging and dynamic times. He is especially skilled at working with leaders to understand and build their emotional intelligence, executive presence, and organizational dynamics. He is also skilled at addressing team performance.

Ren Wiebe, MEd | Executive Presence and Change Management

Ren Wiebe’s mission is to support and energize the development of leaders. From senior executives to emerging talent, Ren thrives on helping leaders maximize their impact and personal satisfaction. He is a sought after facilitator, trainer and coach to executive teams. He has a proven track record of helping leaders thrive in complex business environments and with the challenges of influencing in a matrixed organizational context.

About the Moderator

Dave Gloss | Principal at AIIR Consulting

Dave Gloss is a Senior Leadership Consultant at AIIR. Dave works intimately with AIIR clients to ensure their organizations are prepared to meet the challenges posed by a faster and ever-evolving world. A seasoned entrepreneur and executive coach, Dave’s approach is a healthy blend of evidence-based practice with common sense execution.

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