Topic: Leadership Development

Empathy in Leadership

How to Cultivate Leadership with Empathy

Empathetic leaders are better equipped to navigate conflicts, resolve misunderstandings, and build bridges between diverse individuals or groups. Here are ways you can cultivate empathetic leadership at your organization. ... Read More >

How Leaders Can Focus in a Chaotic Environment - Essential Leadership Skills

How to Maintain Focus in a Chaotic Environment

Knowing how to channel your focus, and on which tasks, is a crucial competency for any leader. In this article, we will look at two effective and sustainable ways to manage your focus and energy for any situation. ... Read More >

How to Help Leaders Succeed in a New Role — Fast

Research shows that as many as 60% of leaders quit or get fired within 18 months of taking on a new role. But, they don't have to. Watch this high-impact on-demand webinar to learn how you can help leaders become more effective, more quickly, in their new roles. ... Read More >

[Webinar] Elevating Nonprofit Leaders of Color

Watch our on-demand webinar about how Youth INC and the Elevate Project are working to elevate and empower emerging nonprofit leaders of color. ... Read More >

The Worst Ways to Choose a Leader

Why are so many organizations so bad at choosing good leaders? Because most go about it in the wrong way. Here are the three worst ways organizations choose leaders. ... Read More >

Why Leaders Should Set Development Goals They’ll Never Reach

Early AIIR research shows that keeping your developmental goals out of reach may actually be better than achieving them. You might want to think twice before crossing them off of your list. ... Read More >

What Do Leaders Need to Navigate the Hybrid Workplace? The Right Support

The workplace is changing (again). Can leaders successfully navigate this challenging transition? With the right support, leaders can have the empathetic adaptability to better support the needs of employees, ultimately building a high-performing, happy workforce. ... Read More >

5 Steps to Harness the Collective Power of Your Team

5 Steps to Harness the Collective Power of Your Team

As a team leader, shifting your role to a facilitator-leader allows you to add value by doing less problem-solving. What role will you take at your next team meeting? ... Read More >

Can Neuroscientists Build a Better Leader?

Can Neuroscientists Build a Better Leader? In New Book, the Founder of AIIR’s Partner, the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative, Shows How

In "The Leader’s Brain," Dr. Michael Platt Explores How Neuroscience Can Help Readers Make Better Decisions, Build Stronger Teams, Inspire Greater Innovation and Become Better Leader ... Read More >

When should you invest in a leader? 5 CHROs share how they decide which investments are most likely to pay off.

When we invest, we want to gain something more, something greater, or something better than we had before. ... Read More >