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A Podcast About Leadership Tech Tides: Understanding AI's Impact on Leadership with Dr. Bruce Katz

Podcast: Understanding AI’s Impact on Leadership with Dr. Bruce Katz

Introducing A Podcast About Leadership, where we talk to experts about the always-changing challenges leaders face, and the skills they need to succeed. In this episode, we delve into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on leadership with data scientist, AI expert and author Dr. Bruce Katz. ... Read More >

Leaders are the Cause of — and Solution to — Burnout

Companies spent $61 billion on wellness programs last year. So why are they still struggling with burnout? Because while wellness programs treat the symptoms of burnout, they don't treat the underlying cause. ... Read More >

Human Resource Executive: Conflict Debt What it is and Why it's Crushing Teamwork Today

HR Executive: Why Conflict Debt is Crushing Teams

In his latest contribution to HR Executive, Jonathan Kirschner explains why teams are accumulating conflict debt, and what leaders can do about it. ... Read More >

Leadership 2024 Trends Report

Our seventh-annual leadership trends report reveals the seven essential skills leaders need to succeed in an unpredictable economy, an unstable geopolitical environment, and a new era of uncertainty. ... Read More >

On-Demand: Leadership 2024 Webinar

What are the skills leaders will need to survive, and succeed in the year ahead? We asked hundreds of leaders, coaches, and consultants. Join our panel of seasoned executive coaches as they reveal the results! ... Read More >

Empathy in Leadership

How to Cultivate Leadership with Empathy

Empathetic leaders are better equipped to navigate conflicts, resolve misunderstandings, and build bridges between diverse individuals or groups. Here are ways you can cultivate empathetic leadership at your organization. ... Read More >

How Leaders Can Focus in a Chaotic Environment - Essential Leadership Skills

How to Maintain Focus in a Chaotic Environment

Knowing how to channel your focus, and on which tasks, is a crucial competency for any leader. In this article, we will look at two effective and sustainable ways to manage your focus and energy for any situation. ... Read More >

Webinar: Designed for Impact

How can HR and Talent Leaders leverage executive coaching to drive change throughout their organizations? Join Megan Marshall and a panel of HR and Talent Leaders from Goldman Sachs, Burns & McDonnell, FM Global, and McCarthy Holdings to learn how winning companies are designing coaching for impact. ... Read More >

Introducing the AIIR Leadership Framework

Based on decades of research and real-world development data from our database of thousands of executives, the AIIR Leadership Framework is the most comprehensive tool for the assessment and development of leaders available today. ... Read More >

Self-care is essential for leaders

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish — It’s Essential for Sustaining High Performance

Self-care isn’t a self-indulgent luxury. It’s an essential tool for high-performing leaders who want to excel in their business. ... Read More >