About Us

What We Do

AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development consultancy dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and their organizations. AIIR services include traditional executive coaching, telepresence coaching, enterprise coaching technology, and leadership pipeline development. 

Our Story

AIIR Consulting was founded on the belief that traditional executive coaching could be made more efficient and impactful by:

  1. Strategically integrating technology to save time and money
  2. Leveraging a systematic coaching approach designed for sustained behavioral change (AIIR® Method)
  3. Selecting seasoned executive coaches who are experts in the domains of business and psychology

Since our beginning in 2009, AIIR Consulting has grown from three coaches based in Philadelphia to over 40 seasoned experts around the world. AIIR has created value for customers ranging from Fortune 100 organizations to mom-and-pop small businesses. In 2010, AIIR built the world’s first cloud-based coaching platform to deepen the value and impact of traditional executive coaching. AIIR's technology makes coaching more immediate, accessible and responsive to the real-time needs of today’s corporate leader. 



From the first meeting to our final handshake, our top objective is to create transformation for people and their organizations.


Trust and partnership are at the core of our work. Our consultants are carefully selected, not just based on their deep expertise, training, and business experience, but also because they live by the very values they promote. 


We constantly challenge and refine our work to meet the evolving needs and business challenges of our clients. Whether it is advancing our coaching technology, meeting monthly for AIIR's coaching supervision group, or continuously refining the AIIR® coaching method, our work is never done.


In today's noisy coaching industry where virtually anyone can call themselves a “coach,” we take pride in our dedication to evidence-based practice. Our coaching and leadership programs are designed and delivered leveraging timeless principles of learning, motivation, personality psychology, and neuroscience.