On-Demand: Leadership 2024 Webinar

On-Demand: Leadership 2024 Webinar

Learn the Skills Leaders Need to Succeed in 2024

After four years of post-pandemic haze, this was supposed to be the year that the fog cleared and leaders could finally find a way forward. Instead, leaders found themselves facing even more uncertainty than before.

What are the skills leaders will need to survive, and succeed in the year ahead? To find out, we asked HR and talent leaders, as well as 200+ coaches and consultants who spent the year working with thousands of executives across industries and around the world.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar to See the Survey Results

Our panel of seasoned executive coaches discuss the challenges leaders and their organizations will face in the year ahead, and the seven essential leadership skills our survey identified to help leaders overcome:

  • Unchecked advances in AI
  • Dysfunctional workplace dynamics
  • Economic and geopolitical uncertainty
  • Unyielding change
  • An overwhelmed, overworked, and unwell workforce

Watch today and equip your leaders with the skills they need to succeed in the year ahead.

Meet the Panelists

Megan Marshall | Host

Megan Marshall is Chief Customer Officer and Head of Executive Coaching at AIIR Consulting. In her role, Megan is responsible for leading AIIR’s executive coaching strategy globally, ensuring AIIR offers best-in-class services that produce measurable results.

Makeda Brown

Makeda dedicates herself to helping individual leaders and teams unleash their potential to create value and achieve results. Makeda brings years of experience as a Human Resources Executive to her coaching and consulting work. She has helped individual contributors and leaders accelerate their ability to navigate their professional journey, embrace their authenticity and manage change.

Jamie Ramsden

Jamie Ramsden brings 20 years of international business experience to AIIR, including five years as CEO of Goodridge USA, where he oversaw a massive transformation that grew the company by 400%. As a coach, Jamie has counseled leaders of corporate, government, non-profit, and private organizations around the globe.

Bernice Ang

Bernice is dedicated to elevating leaders through the refinement of their executive brand and presence, resulting in their transformation into influential game-changers within their domains. Before becoming a coach, Bernice spent 25 years within the corporate landscape in leadership positions across multi-billion-dollar entities including Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Wrigley, and Mars.

Payal Rajaratnam

Payal Rajaratnam is an experienced Executive Coach passionate about helping leaders elevate their impact and influence, maximize their inner potential, and cultivate emotional intelligence. Payal brings to AIIR twenty-two years of corporate leadership experience to her engagements, including a career at British Airways.

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