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Leadership 2023 Trends Report

2022 was an unpredictable and unexpectedly challenging year that left many leaders feeling mired in uncertainty. Download our annual trends report to learn the essential skills leaders will need to loose themselves from the challenges of the past year and lead their organizations into the future. ... Read More >

Shaping a Better Future

Do the leaders at your organization have the skills they need to take on the change and economic uncertainty ahead? ... Read More >

Leadership 2022: Shaping a Better Future

Do your leaders have the skills they need to take on the challenges and opportunities of the new year? ... Read More >

[Whitepaper] Empowering Leaders with Coaching Skills

How to Harness the Power of a Coaching Mindset to Build More Effective Leaders at Your Organization ... Read More >

[Trend Report] Leadership 2021

At a conference of more than 500 leadership development professionals, 91% said their leaders were struggling to lead right now. None described their leaders as thriving. ... Read More >

[Whitepaper] Building Resilience: An Actionable, Science-Based Model for Leaders

Learn How to Adapt to Stress, Overcome Setbacks, Build Resilience, and Become a More Successful Leader ... Read More >

Leadership for the Future

[Whitepaper] Leadership for the Future

How can leaders balance the opposing competencies they will need for the future? ... Read More >

Unlock the Extraordinary – AIIR Team Effectiveness

When teams function at a high level, they produce extraordinary results above and beyond the capabilities of their individual members. ... Read More >

Leadership 2020: 4 Essential Leadership Skills to Lead Through Instability

Volatile markets, disruptive technology, and social and geopolitical uncertainty — leaders will face unprecidented challenges in 2020 and beyond. ... Read More >

7 Design Principles to Bulletproof Leadership Succession Planning

AIIR sifted through mountains of academic literature and our own industry-leading research to identify seven design principles, and a few watch-outs, for executive succession planning. ... Read More >