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Shaping a Better Future

Do the leaders at your organization have the skills they need to take on the change and economic uncertainty ahead? ... Read More >

Leadership 2022: Shaping a Better Future

Do your leaders have the skills they need to take on the challenges and opportunities of the new year? ... Read More >

The Coaching Mindset Index®

An assessment to help leaders understand their natural coaching style and build new coaching skills. ... Read More >

Get a Free Team Effectiveness Survey

Used by top-performing organizations across the Fortune 500 and around the world, the AIIR Team Effectiveness Survey is a powerful, proprietary assessment that provides unprecedented insight into your team's strengths, their opportunities, and what's holding them back. ... Read More >

[Whitepaper] Empowering Leaders with Coaching Skills

How to Harness the Power of a Coaching Mindset to Build More Effective Leaders at Your Organization ... Read More >

[Trend Report] Leadership 2021

At a conference of more than 500 leadership development professionals, 91% said their leaders were struggling to lead right now. None described their leaders as thriving. ... Read More >

[Whitepaper] Building Resilience: An Actionable, Science-Based Model for Leaders

Learn How to Adapt to Stress, Overcome Setbacks, Build Resilience, and Become a More Successful Leader ... Read More >

Leadership for the Future

[Whitepaper] Leadership for the Future

How can leaders balance the opposing competencies they will need for the future? ... Read More >

Coaching Mindset Index Whitepaper

Whether you are interested in individual debriefs, assessment certification, or group workshops, one of our leadership consultants can help you build a coaching mindset at your organization. ... Read More >

Unlock the Extraordinary – AIIR Team Effectiveness

When teams function at a high level, they produce extraordinary results above and beyond the capabilities of their individual members. ... Read More >