AIIR Recognizes Makeda Brown With Coaching Leadership Award

AIIR Recognizes Makeda Brown With Coaching Leadership Award

December 15, 2023

AIIR Consulting is proud to announce that senior executive coach Makeda Brown has been awarded the prestigious Coaching Leadership Award. This accolade recognizes coaches and other individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional impact on our clients, our organization, and on the coaching industry.

Past recipients of the Coaching Leadership Award include Bernadette Cabrera, Jamie Ramsden, and Terence Maltbia.

At AIIR Consulting, we know that executive coaching can create incredible impact for leaders and their organizations. Analysis of our own coaching data shows that leaders reported positive outcomes, including:

  • 83% increased social acumen
  • 82% improved self-management
  • 75% increased team performance
  • 67% reported increased ability to drive change
  • 67% reported stronger strategic leadership
  • 66% increased engagement

We also know that these outcomes depend on the quality of our coaches, and of their relationships with their coachees. Makeda has dedicated her career to helping individual leaders and teams unlock their potential, create value, and achieve remarkable results.

“Makeda Brown exemplifies the qualities that define a top-tier coach,” said AIIR Consulting CEO Dr. Jonathan Kirschner. “She has been instrumental in building AIIR’s Team Effectiveness practice, and her unwavering commitment to her clients’ success, combined with her deep insights and inspirational approach, has left an indelible mark on the coaching industry. We are honored to recognize Makeda with the Coaching Leadership Award for her outstanding achievements.”

Makeda’s coaching philosophy centers around the belief that coaching is a powerful partnership that drives both professional and personal growth. Clients describe her as insightful and inspiring, reflecting her natural drive and passion for learning. Makeda’s formula for success involves aligning purpose and values to drive tangible results for her clients.

In addition to her extensive experience as an Executive Coach and Team Coach, Makeda brings to bear a wealth of knowledge from her background as a Human Resources executive. With several years of experience developing and delivering talent strategies in global organizations across industries such as pharma, technology, and hospitality, Makeda has a proven track record of maximizing business results.

The Coaching Leadership Award is a testament to Makeda Brown’s dedication to excellence in coaching and her profound impact on the professional development landscape. AIIR Consulting congratulates Makeda on this well-deserved recognition.

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