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The Great HiPo Exodus: Why Your Top Talent is Leaving and What to Do About It

Live Webinar on Tuesday, September 3rd

2 – 3 PM ET

Webinar Description:

Organizations are spending more than $50B per year on high potential programs. So why are these same organizations failing to retain top talent?

In this webinar, executive coaching firm AIIR Consulting and Nemours Children’s Health System examine what causes High Potential leaders to leave their organization and what talent development professionals can do about it. With a combined 45+ years of leadership development experience, Martin Costa and Allie Wilkinson discuss:

  • How to identify the right high potential leaders
  • The most effective tools and strategies to develop a leadership pipeline
  • How to retain the best of the best

Join us for a live 45-minute session plus 15-minutes of Q&A.

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AIIR Consulting

AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development firm dedicated to helping people change for the better. By focusing on the leader, AIIR seeks to create cascading, systemic impact that will elevate the world and allow people to live more purposeful, intentional, healthy, responsible and enjoyable lives.
AIIR Consulting
AIIR Consulting

AIIR Consulting is a global leadership development consultancy dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and their organizations. Through the strategic integration of coaching and technology, AIIR Consulting brings agile leadership development to today’s connected leader.

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