Format: Webinar

[On Demand Webinar] 2021 SCP Conference: How Executive Coaching Responded to COVID-19

In January of 2021, Dr. Jonathan Kirschner lead an invigorating panel that took a retrospective look at Executive Coaching's response to COVID-19. ... Read More >

[On Demand Webinar] Building a Better World Through Coaching

Dr. NaTasha Jordan and an expert panel share their vision for how coaching can empower nonprofit leaders and their organizations to build a better future ... Read More >

[On Demand Webinar] The Conference Board and AIIR Consulting: Dynamic Leadership

In this on-demand webcast, AIIR founder and CEO Dr. Jonathan Kirschner addresses the seemingly impossible challenges leaders face today and reveals a new, dynamic leadership approach that empowers leaders to deliver on these demands. ... Read More >

[On Demand Webinar] What’s Next? Four Top Talent Leaders Look Ahead

In this webinar, our panel of visionary talent leaders will share their insights from the past year — what they experienced, what their organizations had to overcome, and what the talent community has experienced as a whole. ... Read More >

[On Demand Webinar] Pandemic Insights: Leadership Competence and Incompetence

Why have some leaders managed the COVID-19 crisis while others have failed? And, what lessons can we learn? ... Read More >

[On-Demand Webinar] The Leader’s Brain: Enhance Your Leadership, Build Stronger Teams, Make Better Decisions and Inspire Greater Innovation with Neuroscience

Can neuroscientists build a better leader? In this webinar, Dr. Michael Platt, founder of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative, shows us how. ... Read More >

[On Demand Webinar] 3 Mistakes Leaders Will Make in the Next 6 Months

Six months into the pandemic, things aren’t getting any easier. AIIR’s panel of experts discuss the challenges leaders will face in the second half of the year. ... Read More >

[Webinar] The Next Evolution of Leadership

In this webinar, leadership expert and AIIR's Head of Executive Assessment, Dr. Derek Lusk, will demonstrate how 200,000 years of human evolution have shaped the way we view leadership, and why a new evolution is necessary for leaders to succeed. ... Read More >

Breathing AIIR: Come What May Mindfulness Challenge

To support you, AIIR has extended our Breathing AIIR Series indefinitely maintaining our Tuesday and Thursday 12pm ET, 30 minute sessions. So know, we will always be there. ... Read More >

[On Demand Webinar] Making Strategic Decisions in Times of Crisis

How to stop reacting and start adapting to the changes that will shape your organization over the next five years. ... Read More >