Type: Webinars

Webinar: Will AI Make Leaders Obsolete?

Are we approaching a moment when AI will outpace human leaders? Join us for a thought-provoking roundtable discussion featuring experts and thought leaders from Microsoft and the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative on the skills leaders need to survive, and shine, in an age of AI. ... Read More >

On-Demand: Leadership 2024 Webinar

What are the skills leaders will need to survive, and succeed in the year ahead? We asked hundreds of leaders, coaches, and consultants. Join our panel of seasoned executive coaches as they reveal the results! ... Read More >

Webinar: Designed for Impact

How can HR and Talent Leaders leverage executive coaching to drive change throughout their organizations? Join Megan Marshall and a panel of HR and Talent Leaders from Goldman Sachs, Burns & McDonnell, FM Global, and McCarthy Holdings to learn how winning companies are designing coaching for impact. ... Read More >

Webinar: The Leadership Revolution

In this succession planning webinar, Dr. Derek Lusk explains how AIIR is helping companies radically rethink how they identify and developing leaders for a future of more chaotic, more complex challenges. ... Read More >

Hybrid team culture and team building webinar

Webinar: The Biggest Reason Hybrid Teams Fail and How to Avoid It

In this powerful webinar, AIIR Head of Team Effectiveness Dave Gloss explains why so many hybrid teams struggle to build team culture, adapt new ways of working, and achieve a level of performance that matches their potential. ... Read More >

How to Help Leaders Succeed in a New Role — Fast

Research shows that as many as 60% of leaders quit or get fired within 18 months of taking on a new role. But, they don't have to. Watch this high-impact on-demand webinar to learn how you can help leaders become more effective, more quickly, in their new roles. ... Read More >

[Webinar] Elevating Nonprofit Leaders of Color

Watch our on-demand webinar about how Youth INC and the Elevate Project are working to elevate and empower emerging nonprofit leaders of color. ... Read More >

Join our team leader webinar!

[Webinar] How a Single Day Can Make or Break Your Team’s Year

Discover the power of bringing your team together to build culture, enhance productivity, and enable sustained high performance in an uncertain future. ... Read More >

[On-Demand Webinar] Leadership 2022: Shaping a Better Future

Leaders and organizations will face unprecedented challenges in 2022. These are the five new skills they'll need to succeed. ... Read More >

The Great Resignation is Here, Now What? Watch the On-Demand Webinar.

[On Demand Webcast] The “Great Resignation” is Here – Now What?

In this webcast, you will learn how Executive Coaching accelerates leader transitions and provides leaders the support they need to not only excel in their first 90 days, but for the future. ... Read More >