Our Experts

Tim Price

High Potential Development | Leadership Development

Lilian Abrams PhD, MBA

Executive Presence | Cross-Cultural Leadership

Nataliya Adelson PhD

C-Suite Advisory | Intercultural Communications

Chuck Ainsworth MA

Organizational Effectiveness | Performance Improvement

David Andrews MEd

Government | Emotional Intelligence

Bernice Ang

Purpose-centered leadership | C level executives

Elena Antonovska

Authentic Leadership | Work Life Balance

Dana Asher PhD

Emotional Intelligence | Women & Leadership

Sean Attwood MSc

Resilience | Leadership in Transition

Deb Becker MILR

Mid-Level Leaders | Technical Leadership Transition

Jordyn Benattar JD, MBA

Persuasion and Influence | Executive Presence

Rachel Benyola MBA, MS

Entrepreneurship | Executive Presence

Noelia Bermudez

Leadership Development | Intercultural Communications

Supriti Bhandary MA

Executive Presence | Managing Transitions

Geetu Bharwaney DSc

C-Suite Advisory | Emotional Intelligence

Christine Billy Ph.D, MBA

Leadership Development | Emotional Intelligence

Sherry Bisaillon

Leader in Transition | Change Management

Margaret Bishop

Emotional Intelligence | Conflict management

Gary Bond

Team Effectiveness | Transformational Change

Michelle Braden PhD

Executive Leadership | Women in Leadership

Makeda Brown MSHRD

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Kerry Bunker PhD

Senior Executive Development | Authentic Leadership

Alvaro Burgos MBA

Executive Facilitation | Diversity & Inclusion

Jonathan Burman MA

Succession Planning | Change Management

Marsha Butler

Women in Leadership | Strategic Thinking

Bernadette Cabrera MBA

Strategic Thinking | Change Management

Cecilia Carter MBA

Executive Presence | Diversity & Inclusion

Manuelle Charbonneau PhD

Emotional Intelligence | Change Management

Enan Chou

Leadership Development | Diversity & Inclusion

Michelle Clarke

Leader-As-Coach & Coaching Mindset | Team Collaboration

Dawn Cone PhD

Emotional Intelligence | Leader in Transition

Martin Costa MA, MEd

Organizational Development | Health and Wellness

Paul Curci

Emotional Intelligence | Team Effectiveness

Charlie D'Amico MAcc

Career Development | Team Effectiveness

Paul Damiano PhD

Strategic Thinking | Organizational Development

Alicia Daugherty MBA

Leading versus Managing | Matrixed Organizations

Carolyn Davidson

Organization Development | Executive Presence

Gioia Della Rosa MBA

Personal Brand | Change Journeys for large organizations

Catarina Dolsten MD

Strategic Thinking | Women & Leadership

Becky Edmunds MEd

Executive Women | Emerging Leaders

David Ehrmann

Team Effectiveness | Leader in Transition

Ned Eustace MA

Strategic thinking | M&A integration

Danela Ezekiel MSc

Leaders in Transition | Authentic Leadership

Jay Fehnel MBA

Executive Presence | Emotional Intelligence

Erica Ferguson

Leadership Development | Change Management

Taylor Flake MS

Career Development | Leaders in Transition

Lepora Flournoy PhD

High Performance Leaders | Organizational Development

Mark Frederick PhD

Globalization | Team Effectiveness

Alessandra L. Ghini

Executive Presence | Women & Leadership

Gigi Gilliard

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Conversations & Strategy Solutions

Dave Gloss MBA

Mindful Performance | Team Effectiveness

Aman Gohal PhD

Executive Transitions | Systems Thinking

Jordan Goldrich MSW

Abrasive Executives | Women and Minority Leaders

Beth Gordon MA

Emotional Intelligence | Team Effectiveness

Rosa Grunhaus Belzer PhD

Diversity & Inclusion | Executive Leadership

Oya Günay

Inclusive Leadership | Team Effectiveness

Saloni Gupta MBA

Leading Through Change | Stress Management

Rhonda Gutenberg PhD

Leader in Transition | Cross-Cultural Relationships

Donna Hammill-Chalk MBA

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Peter Hård

Cross-Cultural Communication - Leadership Development

Rick Hartwig MBA

Executive Presence in the C-Suite | Fast-Growth Technology

Ellen Harvey PhD

Leadership Confidence & Presence | Interpersonal Relations

Therese Heeg MS

Change Management | Team Effectiveness

Xavier Hernandez PhD

Organizational Development | Diversity & Inclusion

Steve Hevesi MBA

Executive Presence | Strategic Thinking

Lesley Hoare

Leader in Transition | Internal Coaching Strategy

Jane Horan PhD

Keynote Speaking | Emotional Intelligence

Jeffrey Hull PhD

Change Management | Emotional Intelligence

Jack Huston MCRP

CEO/Board Partnership | Crisis Management

Ruqaya Ibrahim MA

Leadership Development | Intercultural Communication

Emrah Ikiok

Leader in Transition | Intercultural Communications

Krish Iyer

C-Suite Advisory | Digital Leadership

Michael Jabbour DACM

Leadership and Development | Human Centered Design

Colleen Jack

Career Development | Curriculum Design

Wendy Jamerson MS

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Influence and Communication

Jeffrey Janowitz PhD

Team Effectiveness | Organizational Development

Franky Johnson MBA

Visionary Leadership | Emotional Intelligence

NaTasha Jordan PhD

Executive Presence | Onboarding Coaching

Susan Jordan MBA, MSOD

High Potential Development | Cross-Cultural Communication

Marie-Jeanne Juilland

Fast-Growth Technology | Executive Presence in the C-Suite

Rachel Kadosh MA

C-Suite Advisory | Leadership Dynamics

Jeff Kaplan MBA, PhD

Emotional Intelligence | Executive Presence

Eun Kim PhD

Global Leadership | Team Effectiveness

Tara Kimbrell Cole MA

Systems thinking | Entrepreneurship – business acumen

Marsha King PhD

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Bob Kinnison

Strategic Thinking | Leader in Transition

Jonathan Kirschner PsyD

Executive Coach | Founder & CEO, AIIR Consulting

Malgorzata Klimczyk PhD

Danessa Knaupp

Executive Presence | Strategic Thinking

Yosi Kossowsky

Executive Coaching | Simplifying Complexity

Kelby Kupersmid MS

Conflict Transformation | Innovation

Sule Kutlay Gandur MA

Resilience Coaching | Team Effectiveness

Terence Lam BBA

Leadership Development | Emotional Intelligence

Thor Legvold PsyD

Intercultural Communication | Change Management

Marie Leithauser MS, MBA

Strategic Thinking | Executive Development

Jamie Lewis Smith PhD

Organizational Development | Career Development

Katherine Lewis MBA

Emotional Intelligence | Executive Presence

Kate Licastro PhD

Virtual Team Effectiveness | Change Management

Paul Lim MSc, BSc, MBA

Intercultural Leadership | Team Effectiveness

Mariana Lobato MBA

Career Transition | Inclusive Leadership

Judy Lubin MBA, PhD

Navigating Change | Transformational Growth

Derek Lusk PhD

Executive Assessment | Succession Planning

Neena Madhok

Leadership Development | High Potential Development

Anu Mandapati MEd

Building High Performing Teams | Inclusive Leadership

Jesus Maximoff

Team Effectiveness | Leader in Transition

J. Victor McGuire PhD

BIPOC Leadership Development | Change Management

Gennifer Miller Dornstreich MBA

Leadership Development | Emotional Intelligence

Jim Milner MBA

Race Equity and Inclusion | Emotional Intelligence

Jennifer Mintzer

Presence and Presentation programming | Early-Mid Career Leadership Competencies

Nikki Moberly

Strategic Thinking | Communicating with Influence

Deanna Moffitt

Leadership Development | Emotional Intelligence

Tonushree Mondal MBA

Strategy | Organizational Effectiveness

Laura Montville MS

Executive Development | Strategic Thinking

Cathie Murensky PhD

Organizational Development | Executive Presence

Iris Nafshi MA

Leadership & Executive Development

Sue Negrey MBA

Systemic Coaching | Team Effectiveness

Kate Neville

Communication Skills | Leadership

Koji Okumura PhD

Research and Technology | Professional excellence

Sara Olsen MBA

Strategic Thinking | Women & Leadership

Sean Olson MA

Change Management | Higher Education

Jennifer Park MBA

Conscious Leadership | Entrepreneurship

Ayeshah Parker

Social Enterprise | Organizational Culture

Dayna Patterson MBA

Leadership Development | Presentation Skills

Jan-Willem Peeters MA

Intercultural Communications | Talent Development

Deana Peng MBA

Emotional Intelligence | Team Coaching and Facilitation

Inna Post PhD

Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Remote Team Management

Lisa Qin MBA

Leadership Development | Organizational Change

Lynn Ellen Queen MBA

Emotional Intelligence | Strategic Thinking

Maureen Rabotin

Global Leadership | Emotional Intelligence

Ianna Raim MBA

Women & Leadership | Entrepreneurship

Payal Rajaratnam

Executive Presence | Emotional Intelligence

Rajeev Raju

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Teresa Ramos MSc, MBA

Female Leaders | Working Across Cultures

Jamie Ramsden MBA

C-Suite Advisory | Strategic Thinking

Claire Rodgers PsyD

Emotional Intelligence | Communication Skills

John Rogener MA

Leader in Transition | Career Development

Julie Rohmer

Change Management | Systems Development & Engineering

Ilhiana Rojas Saldana PhD

Emotional Intelligence | DEI

J.Todd Ross MBA

Executive Presence | Military & Veterans

Sonya Rudenstine ACC, JD

Authentic Leadership | DEAI

Jane Sadowsky

C-Suite | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Christopher Schmitt

Military & Veterans | Emotional Intelligence

Natalie Schürmann MSc

Emotional Intelligence | Leader in Transition

Vic Settergren PhD

Executive Presence | Cultural Strategy

Julie Shaw Ed.D, MA

Leadership Development | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Stephen Sheehy MSW

Executive Presence | Emotional Intelligence

Jonathan Sibley MBA

High Value Teams | Intercultural Leadership

Deanna Siegel Senior PhD

Executive Transition | Authentic Leadership

Mandeep Singh MBA

Executive Transitions | Cultural Awareness

Damian Smith

Leadership Development | Driving Vision & Purpose

Dana M. Smith MS

C-Suite Advisory | Executive Presence

Xue Suavet-Jiang EdM, MBA

Adult Development | Global Leadership Coaching

Brian Szepkouski MA

Intercultural Communication | Executive Presence

Richard Tanenbaum PhD

Executive Development | Conflict Management

Holly Teska MBA

Effective Communication | Strategic Understanding & Impact

Paul Tran

Leadership Development | Emotional Intelligence

Jim Trunick

Key Note Speaking | Emotional Intelligence

Judy Wade MS

Internal Coaching Strategy | Executive Presence

Maria Wade MBA

Senior Executive Development | Transformational Growth

Selima Wandoren MBA

Intercultural Competence | Emotional Intelligence

Kathryn Wankel MA

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Torsten Weber MBA

Systemic Navigating | Agile Facilitation

Nicky Westhead PCC

Executive Communications | Team Dynamics

Ren Wiebe MEd

Executive Presence | Change Management

Allie Wilkinson MBA

Women in Leadership | Team Effectiveness

Cynthia Wolpert

Executive Onboarding | Conflict Management

Carol Yang

Leadership Voice & Presence | Women & Leadership

Keith Yardley PhD

Leader in Transition | Talent Management

Alex Yaroslavsky

Conflict Resolution | Executive Presence

David Yudis PsyD, MBA

C-Suite Advisory | Executive Presence in the C-Suite

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[On-Demand] The Evolving Role of the HRBP

[On-Demand] The Evolving Role of the HRBP

Naphtali Bryant, Director, HRBP at Netflix, discusses how the role of HRBP has evolved, and how it must continue to evolve to support teams amid continual change Since the beginning of the pandemic, teams have experienced massive changes in how they work — from going...

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