Dr. Nataliya Adelson

C-Suite Advisory | Intercultural Communications

David Andrews, M.ED

Government | Emotional Intelligence

Rachel Benyola, MBA, M.S.

Entrepreneurship | Executive Presence

Dr. Geetu Bharwaney

C-Suite Advisory | Emotional Intelligence

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Sherry Bisaillon

Leader in Transition | Change Management

Alvaro Burgos

Executive Facilitation | Diversity & Inclusion

Bernadette Cabera, MBA

Strategic Thinking | Change Management

Cecila Carter, MBA

Executive Presence | Diversity & Inclusion

Dr. Manuelle Charbonneau

Emotional Intelligence | Change Management

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Dr. Dawn Cone

Emotional Intelligence | Leader in Transition

Paul Curci

Emotional Intelligence | Team Effectiveness

Charlie D’Amico, M.ACC.

Career Development | Team Effectiveness

Dr. Catarina R. Dolsten

Strategic Thinking | Women & Leadership

Charles Dormer, MSOD, MPHIL

Strategic Thinking | Executive Presence

David Ehrmann

Team Effectiveness | Leader in Transition

Jay Fehnel, MBA

Executive Presence | Emotional Intelligence

Harvey Floyd, M.A.

Government | Team Effectiveness

Oya Günay

Financial Services | Globalization

Dr. Shannon Hall

Team Effectiveness | Career Development

Therese Heeg, M.S., ACC

Change Management | Team Effectiveness

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Dr. Jane Horan

Keynote Speaking | Emotional Intelligence

Krish Iyer

C-Suite Advisory | Digital Leadership

Marie-Jeanne Juilland

Executive Presence | Mindfulness

Rachel Kadosh, M.A.

C-suite advisory | Leadership Dynamics

Dr. Jeff Kaplan, MBA, MCC

Emotional Intelligence | Executive Presence

Dr. Marsha King

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Bob Kinnison

Strategic Thinking | Leader in Transition

Dr. Jonathan Kirschner

Executive Coach | Founder & CEO, AIIR Consulting

Dr. Krister Lowe, CPCC

Team Effectiveness | Executive Facilitation

Dr. Sandra Mashihi

Executive Presence | Emotional Intelligence

Dr. George Matyas

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Dr. Cathie Murensky

Organizational Development | Executive Presence

Sue Negrey, MBA

Women & Leadership | Career Development

Dr. Camille Preston, PCC

Women & Leadership | Change Management

Lynn Ellen Queen, MBA

Emotional Intelligence | Strategic Thinking

Ianna Raim, MBA

Women & Leadership | Entrepreneurship

Rajeev Raju

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Jamie Ramsden, MBA, ACC

C-Suite Advisory | Strategic Thinking

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John Rogener, M.A.

Career Development | Financial Services

John Rogener, M.A.
Career Development | Financial Services

John A. Rogener brings over 30 years of experience as an executive coach, consultant, and facilitator with global expertise in leadership and management development, executive coaching, managing transitions, and sales. John’s coaching style is based on a collaborative, solution-based process that enables clients to make behavioral changes based on self-awareness, ultimately increasing business results. John’s approach also includes discovery, action, accountability, and sustainability. He specializes in group and individual coaching, helping executives through transitions and facilitating teams.

John’s previous business experience includes a position as VP of Global Learning and Talent Development for BNY Mellon’s Investment Management business. He has also held similar senior level roles at Morgan Stanley/MSCI Barra, US Trust, and Citigroup. In addition to John’s experience in senior level positions, he served as a former adjunct professor faculty member at Rutgers University

Center for Management Development, as well as spent 14 years as an adjunct professor at New York University where he was granted their prestigious Award for Teaching Excellence.

Specializing in group and individual coaching, John has worked with executives through transitions; helped facilitate teams; coached sales, portfolio, and middle managers; and worked with high potentials in various management roles. His experience as a trusted advisor has also helped senior leaders expand their capabilities and drive stronger business results.

John is a member of the National Association for Talent Development (ATD) and is President Emeritus and member of the ATD NYC chapter. He coauthored an article entitled, “Address Learning Needs, Not Wants,” and has presented at professional organizations on topics such as Management and Leadership Development, Communication Styles, and Communicating Across Diverse Cultures. John completed his Executive Coaching certification from New York University and is now certified in DiSC and Myers Briggs. He has a Master’s Degree and Advanced Graduate Studies in Rehabilitation Counseling from Assumption College and a Bachelor’s Degree from Marist College. 


Shefali Salwan, MBA

C-Suite Advisory | Intercultural Communications

Robin Schletter, M.A.

Team Effectiveness | C-Suite Advisory

Christopher Schmitt

Military & Veterans | Emotional Intelligence

Natalie Schürmann, MSc.

Emotional Intelligence | Leader in Transition

Brian Szepkouski, M.A.

Intercultural Communication | Executive Presence

Sarah Tennyson, MSc.

Executive Assessment | Team Effectiveness

Jim Trunick

Key Note Speaking | Emotional Intelligence

Judy Wade, M.S., RCC, CPC, ACC

Internal Coaching Strategy | Executive Presence

Kathryn Wankel, M.A.

Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness

Ren Wiebe, M.ED., ACC

Executive Presence | Change Management

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Dr. David Yudis, MBA

C-Suite Advisory | Executive Presence in the C-Suite

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