Charles Dormer

Charles Dormer MS

Strategic Thinking | Executive Presence

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Language: English

Charles Dormer brings over 30 years of working in healthcare and pharmaceutical R&D to his executive coaching work at AIIR. In his extensive corporate career, he has worked for some of the top pharmaceutical companies, including SmithKline Beecham, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth, Pfizer and most recently as a VP of operations and strategy at AstraZeneca.

Though serving as a coach informally throughout his corporate career, Charles’ career transitioned to becoming an executive coach based on his a passion for helping leaders maximize their productivity and success, develop leadership effectiveness, and successfully navigate change and uncertainty.

In his coaching work, Charles draws upon a deep base of corporate experience to ensure his coachee’s development goals are grounded in the real-time business needs and context. Charles leverages experiences ranging from strategy definition and implementation, management, research, operations, reengineering, organization development, business redesign, portfolio management, and chief of staff activities. He has been involved in major mergers and acquisitions within the pharmaceutical industry and major change efforts in R&D. He has also been involved in the governance committees and key decision-making bodies.

Charles has a Masters of Science (Honors) and a Masters of Philosophy in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. He is also certified in Institute Leadership and Management (ILM) Executive Coaching and Mentoring. His area of passion is the study of what creates value and what depletes value in large organisations and complex collaborations.

With a passion for teaching and mentoring, Charles delivers guest lectures at Georgetown University and Penn State University, where he shares his learning and experiences on strategic leadership and managing the business of science.


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